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2007 State Legislature


The capitol dome, shown here, weighs 26,000 metric tons.

2007-2009 Operating Request: Shaping Your Research University for Washington’s Future

Unprecedented communication with industries, businesses, college and other universities has produced a compelling state operating budget request package from Washington State University that will nurture more engineers and scientists, launch an agriculture research program based on industry needs, promote bio-fuels made from Washington commodities and create more doctors, nurses and dentists for the Inland Northwest.

September 15, 2006

2007-2009 Capital Request: Infrastructure for Life, Completing the Pullman Life Science Building

Washington State University proposes capital projects that complete the Pullman Life Sciences Building, extend the life of existing older structures, protect the lives of students and employees, and provide the vital infrastructure that is the lifeline to serving the state as a premier research university. This is the summary of WSU’s capital construction budget requests for the 2005-2007 biennium. Revised Nov. 28.

April 23, 2007  No. 18