WSU’s 2024 state legislative agenda

  • Academic Student Employee Bargaining

  • Climate Commitment Act

  • Supply Chain Management

A look back

WSU’s 2023 state legislative agenda

  • PEOPLE: Investing in Human Capital
  • LESSONS FROM THE PANDEMIC: A Commitment to Public Health
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Building our Future

WSU’s 2022 state legislative agenda

  • PEOPLE: Retaining high value faculty and staff
  • DATA & TECHNOLOGY AT THE BOUNDARY: Building a cybersecurity workforce to prevent a technological “pandemic”
  • RURAL PUBLIC HEALTH: Equipping pharmacists with behavioral and mental health training

WSU’s 2021 state legislative agenda

  • OPERATING BUDGET: Promoting Social Mobility and Our Economic Future
  • AGRICULTURE: Innovation, Research, Sustainable Food Systems
  • WSU HEALTH: Improving access to Health Care
  • CAPITAL BUDGET: Creating Jobs by Preserving the Core, Accommodating Growth

WSU’s 2020 state legislative agenda

  • Operating Budget: Washington State Soil Health Initiative
  • Capital Budget: Washington State University Vancouver Life Sciences Building
  • Policy: Reauthorizing the Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation

WSU’s 2019 state legislative agenda

  • Top Priority: Access to health care for Washingtonians
  • Providing quality instruction and student services
  • Capital Budget
  • Healthy Soils, Healthy Environment

WSU’s 2018 state legislative agenda

  • Top Priority: Capital Budget
  • Funding the state’s new solar program
  • Advancing materials research through JCDREAM
  • Family medicine residency network

WSU’s 2017 state legislative agenda

  • Top Priority: Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine
  • Investing in Washington Agriculture
  • Affordability: Reducing Textbook Costs
  • Washington Competes

WSU’s 2016 state legislative agenda

  • Supporting Western Washington agriculture
  • Bolstering economic growth through public service
  • Preserve affordability for students
  • Promoting efficiency

WSU’s 2015 state legislative agenda

  • Expansion of medical education and improved access to healthcare
  • Reinvest in higher education
  • Deliver high demand degrees for underserved North Puget Sound

WSU’s 2014 state legislative agenda

  • Top Priority: Advancing aviation biofuels
  • Increasing degree production
  • Perserving public health and animal agriculture
  • Promoting enology, viticulture, and the business of wine

WSU’s 2013 state legislative agenda

  • Preserving quality
  • Restoring affordability
  • Leveraging partnerships
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research

WSU’s 2012 state legislative agenda

2012 Legislative Session Recap

  • TOP PRIORITY: Protect public higher education
  • Meet the needs of Washington’s aerospace industry
  • Complete construction of the Biomedical and Health Sciences Building in Spokane
  • Allow institutional flexibility for increased efficiency to reflect a new operating environment