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  • UPDATE: House Health Care passes ASWSU Health Sciences student-led bill

    A panel of WSU College of Pharmacy students convened before the House Health Care & Wellness committee this week to show support for a bill they’re spearheading concerning services provided by health care professional students.

    HB 1726 aims to address issues with the current law governing inter-professional student health care training by widening the scope of possible preceptors allowed to supervise health care student service activities. Under the current law, students are required to have a professional from their own discipline supervising them if they provide any type of health care service. In the event that preceptors are unavailable or forced to cancel due … » More …

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  • WSU presents medical school progress report to Senate committee

    Members of the Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee held a work session on meeting workforce demands in Washington State’s Health Care Industry this week and called WSU forward to present its case for how the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is addressing this major issue. Since the medical school’s authorization in 2015, the university’s mission has been to provide more physicians in core disciplines to rural and underserved areas of Washington. According to Ken Roberts, Vice Dean of Academic and Community Partnerships at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, the university is seeking to address this demand by focusing on the … » More …

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  • Legislature cancels Monday schedule

    Legislative leaders in both the House and Senate have cancelled Monday’s legislative activities due to uncommonly adverse winter weather conditions. This marks the first such cancellation for weather in recent memory – at least 20 years.

    Many legislators spent the weekend in their home districts across the state, which has been pounded by snow to varying degrees with another system moving in today.

    As of Monday morning, the Legislature was planning to returning to full operations Tuesday. That could be subject to change depending on the outcome of additional adverse weather expected for Monday afternoon.

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  • Senate briefed on WSU hydrogen vehicle technology research

    WSU Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Jacob Leachman was called before the Senate Transportation Committee today to provide an overview on his research in hydrogen fuel cell technology and its applications in the transportation sector. Leachman, founder of the Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research Lab at WSU, gave a brief introduction on the science behind hydrogen fuel cells before explaining to legislators how this technology can be applied as an alternative fuel source in all forms of transportation – from cars to buses to tractors – as a way to dramatically reduce fossil imports and CO2 emissions.

    Leachman’s presentation also addresses the public misconceptions around … » More …

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  • Federal policies impacting fundamental scientific research update

    The Science Coalition Round up for February 5th 2019 provided useful information which may be of interest:

    Following the agreement to reopen the federal government through February 15, recent news coverage focused on the residual impacts the partial government shutdown will have on science. News outlets have largely examined the impacts to federal science agencies and the fundamental research they support. Some press have also highlighted the lasting effects on research universities, and the problems created by a lack of access to critical funding and resources over the five-week shutdown. Here is a sampling of top articles from the last few weeks:

    Shutdown Damage Will Persist Long After U.S. Government Reopens Bloomberg | By Christopher Flavelle and … » More …

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