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  • Getting to know WSU’s new medical students

    Legislators in Vancouver and Everett this week got acquainted with some of WSU’s 60 new first year medical students during lunch events on WSU campuses, finding an alignment with the mission of the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

    “I chose WSU because of the mission statement to serve underserved populations,” one student said.

    “WAZZU has a different mission statement,” another said. “Everyone talked about public service, but WSU has a program around it.”

    WSU’s 60 first year medical students were in their designated regions this week, training … » More …

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  • State revenue forecast up again

    A new forecast of state tax collections released Tuesday has increased projections for the current 2017-2019 budget cycle by $163.4 million and for the 2019-21 budget cycle by $196 million.  This pushes total revenue projections to $45.8 billion for 2017-2019 and $50 billion for 2019-21.

    This forecast will be used by Gov. Jay Inslee to draft the budget proposal he’ll unveil next month. The Legislature convenes Jan. 14 to begin writing its budget proposals and will have the benefit of one more forecast due out March 20 before releasing them.

    Tuesday’s report found that Washington’s unemployment rate declined to an all-time low of 4.3% … » More …

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  • Legislators meet with medical students at WSU Tri-Cities

    Members from the Washington State Legislature travelled out to the WSU Tri-Cities campus today to attend a lunch forum with the first 15 medical students assigned to the university’s medical school hub in the Tri-Cities. Students thanked legislators for their support of the medical school and discussed their individual experiences so far.

    “WSU is a family,” said one student, “Once you’re a part of it, there’s nothing you can compare it to.”

    The class is beginning their third intercession week of the academic year today, in which<br ... » More …

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  • WSU medical residency bill signed into law

    Governor Jay Inslee signed HB 2443 into law this afternoon, officially recognizing the Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine as an accredited medical school and adding the university as a third co-chair of the Family Medicine Residency Network’s advisory board alongside the University of Washington and the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.

    Established in 1975, the Family Medicine Residency Network supports and encourages the development of family medicine residencies across the state of Washington. As a member of the advisory board, WSU would assist in making recommendations on the selection of areas where affiliated residency programs will exist.

    The bill … » More …

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  • Legislature adjourns, WSU agenda approved

    The Legislature adjourned its 2018 session Thursday night, bringing to close a 60-day supplemental session that saw Washington State University’s legislative agenda approved in full.

    The House and Senate on Thursday approved a budget agreement that fully funds WSU’s $1.272 million request to correct an oversight and fund last year’s legislation to expand and transfer the state’s solar energy incentive program to the WSU Energy Program. It also fully funds WSU’s $500,000 request to support the JCDREAM advanced materials research collaborative.

    Also on the governor’s desk is House Bill 2443, a WSU-backed bill to add the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine to the Family … » More …

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