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WSU Lobbying Reports

Greetings Members of the WSU Community:

Quarterly lobbying reports must be filed online by Friday, April 7, 2023, covering WSU employee activities between January 1, 2023, and March 31, 2023. The reports will be reviewed and forwarded to the state Public Disclosure Commission and proper federal agencies. You do not need to file a ‘no activity’ report online if you did not lobby this quarter.

PLEASE NOTE: The Public Disclosure Commission now strongly recommends that video calls and virtual meetings be reported as in-person lobbying, especially when they occur in place of face-to-face gatherings for reasons of safety or distance. Phone calls still remain exempt from public agency reporting.

Not every meeting, event, and interaction you have with elected officials is considered lobbying. Visit our lobbying guidelines page for points of clarification on what you should and should not necessarily report. In the future, to help you facilitate interaction with elected officials, it is best that WSU employees consult with Government Relations staff in advance of any lobbying activity to ensure that we send a coordinated message from our institution. Meetings of this nature can be multi-layered and touch many parts of the WSU community; therefore communicating with Government Relations can provide for a more organized legislative outcome. Additionally, Connor and Michele on our Government Relations staff are available to help you determine appropriate and legal ways to communicate with public officials and external stakeholders on political issues.

Thank you for taking the time to ensure that we give an accurate report of time and money spent on lobbying.


Chris Mulick
Interim Vice President for External Affairs and Government Relations


State Relations:

Connor Haggerty (360) 534-2332

Federal Relations:

Michele McCarver (509) 335-5756

Reporting and lobbying activity

Electronic reporting forms

If you are a Washington State University employee, use the links below for forms to report quarterly lobbying activity to the Government Relations office.

It is no longer necessary to submit a No Activity report.

BEFORE YOU LOBBY PLEASE consult with our office, as elected officials and their staff prefer to speak to only a few representatives from each state agency in order to avoid mixed messages.  Contact either Connor or Michele with questions.

State Relations:

Connor Haggerty
(360) 534-2332

Federal Relations:

Michele McCarver
(509) 335-5756


Click here to submit your

Click here to submit your