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Lobbying Activity Reporting Forms (State)

  • Step-by-step instructions

1. Type in your name, title, annual salary and “2008” for the year of the quarter you are reporting in the appropriate boxes. If you are reporting “no activity” for an entire department, you may type in the name of the department under “employee name.” It is necessary to report employee name and salary for all lobbying activity.


2. For each face-to-face contact with a state legislator or staff member, write in a description of the issue, WSU budget request, or proposed legislation in the left column box. In the middle column, write in the name of the legislator or staff member that you contacted. In the boxes at right, fill in the date and length of the meeting.

3. If it was necessary to schedule special travel or print special briefing papers or other handouts for your meetings, please enter the total cost in the travel and brochures boxes at the bottom of the page. Leave the “other” boxes blank unless directed by Government Relations.

screen2 the bottom of form

4. When completed to your satisfaction, press the “submit form” button.  You will receive a confirmation message that your form has been successfully submitted to WSU Government Relations. Write down and save that “report number.” If you want to review or edit your report before the deadline, you will be asked for that number.

Screen 3 and Report ID

5. If that’s all you have to report for the quarter, you are done! WSU will compile your report with others and submit it to the state Public Disclosure Commission as required by law.

You may want to edit your report for additional activity or review your report prior to the deadline.  Simply return to the WSU lobbying web site before deadline and click the “Edit” button.

Screen 4 - Re-submitt

6. After clicking the edit button, you will be prompted for your e-mail address and individual Report ID.

Screen 5 - report ID number

7. After providing your e-mail address and report ID, your previous report will be displayed for editing and reviewing.

Screen 6-updating info

8. Make your changes and additions. Complete the editing process by selecting the “Update” button at the bottom of the page.

Screen 7 update button

9. You will receive a confirmation of your edits. You will again be supplied with an ID number for future edits.

Screen 8- Completed