Step-by-Step Instructions for Filling out the Quarterly Lobbying Activity Forms



Begin by typing in your first name, last name, title, office/affiliation and annual salary. If you are filling this out on behalf of another person’s activity, please list their details.

NOTE: Please make sure that the salary provided is accurate. This figure will be used to calculate the total cost of time spent lobbying.



Please provide the year that the lobbying activity occurred and select which quarter the activity occurred in. (Q1January to March; Q2April to June; Q3July to September; Q4October to December)

NOTE: Lobbying activity MUST be submitted within the correct reporting period. If you are unsure which reporting period we are in, please check the lobbying report home page.  If you are trying to file a report for lobbying activity that occurred outside this reporting period, please reach out to us directly.



  • Click the “Add Lobbying Activity” button to begin logging your activity
  • Input the name and title of the public official you lobbied
  • Provide the date the lobbying occurred
  • List the amount of time spent actively lobbying this public official
  • Briefly summarize the topic or issue that was being advocated for and what the request was for
  • Select “Add Lobbying Activity”

The item will appear in the lobbying activity table. If you have other activity to report, please repeat the steps above. If you have no other meetings to report, please continue to the next section.




This is the total sum of the amount spent on travel getting to and from meetings/events where lobbying activity occurred. This may include the costs for airfare, parking, lodging, rental vehicles, personal mileage, per diem meals, etc. If there were no costs spent on travel, please put “N/A.”

If there were travel costs, you will be prompted to include the WSU budget code for where the travel costs were expensed.



If it was necessary to provide publications, briefing papers or other handouts to a public official being lobbied for the purpose of influencing legislation, please use this space to include the total cost of university dollars used to create the materials. This may include printing service charges, shipping/mailing costs, specialty paper or publication materials, etc. If there were no costs spent on publication materials, please put “N/A.”

If there were publication costs, you will be prompted to include the WSU budget code for where the publication costs were expensed.



Please select whether discretionary/gift funds were used to pay for any expenses associated with the lobbying activity being reported.



Please provide your contact information so we can reach out to you if there are any questions about your form submission. If you filled this form out on the behalf of another person, please make sure to use YOUR information so we know who to get in touch with.



Once you are satisfied with all the information on the form, please press the “submit” button at the bottom. You will see a confirmation message on the next screen confirming your submission was sent to the WSU Office of Government Relations.

Our office will review your submission and include it in the report we compile and send to the state Public Disclosure Commission, as required by law. If you have any questions or concerns or if you need to provide any changes to your submission, please reach out to the contacts provided on the Lobbying Report home page.