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2012 Regular Session Bill Watch List

Updated on 4/4/12

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Bill No*Companion Bills*TitleStatusStatus DateOriginal Sponsor
HB 1083   Postretirement employmentH Ways & Means1/10/2011Bailey
HB 1221   Higher ed students/militaryH Rules 3C3/8/2012Finn
SHB 1650   State need grant eligibilityH Rules 3C3/8/2012Hasegawa
HB 1754SB 5576UW & WSU constructionH Cap Budget2/1/2011Dunshee
ESHB 2127SB 5967Operating sup budget 2011-13H 3rd Reading4/3/2012Hunter
HB 2155SB 5982Aerospace technology centerH Hi Ed12/8/2011Kenney
2SHB 2156SB 5976Workforce training/aerospaceC 50 L 123/19/2012Kenney
2SHB 2170   Career pathways actH Rules 3C3/8/2012Probst
SHB 2254SB 6374Foster care outcomesC 163 L 123/29/2012Carlyle
HB 2258   Higher ed transfer, advisingH Hi Ed1/10/2012Zeiger
SHB 2259   Higher education reportingC 227 L 123/30/2012Zeiger
E2SHB 2265   Washington works paymentsH Rules 3C3/8/2012Probst
HB 2295   Discover passH Gen Gov Apps1/11/2012Van De Wege
SHB 2299   4-H special license platesC 65 L 123/23/2012Warnick
SHB 2313   Higher ed/board meetingsC 228 L 123/30/2012Zeiger
HB 2336SB 6460Taxpayer-funded ed materialsH Education Apps1/11/2012Carlyle
HB 2338SB 6207New storm water requirementsH Environment1/11/2012Fagan
HB 2340SB 6146Public records actH SGTribalAff1/11/2012Moeller
HB 2345SB 6288Veterans & national guardH Hi Ed1/11/2012Angel
SHB 2352   Higher ed institutions/feesC 104 L 123/29/2012Reykdal
HB 2390   Municipal storm water permitH Environment1/13/2012Hurst
SHB 2422SB 6238Aviation biofuels productionC 63 L 123/23/2012Billig
HB 2436   Higher ed student advisingH Hi Ed1/13/2012Haler
HB 2441   Retirement/excess comp.H Rules 3C3/8/2012Bailey
2SHB 2452SB 6198State agency procurementC 224 L 123/30/2012Wylie
HB 2478SB 6390Higher ed student auditingH Hi Ed1/16/2012Wilcox
E2SHB 2483SB 6232Student achievement councilC 229 L 123/30/2012Seaquist
HB 2484SB 6591Employee salary settingH Labor/Work Dev1/16/2012Eddy
HB 2494SB 6262State debt limitationsH Rules C3/8/2012Dunshee
SHB 2503   Veterans & national guardH Rules 3C3/8/2012Hansen
HB 2532   STEMH Ways & Means1/17/2012Carlyle
3SHB 2585SB 6401Higher ed regulationsC 230 L 123/30/2012Springer
HB 2596SB 6334Higher ed govrnance/studentsH Hi Ed1/18/2012Stanford
HB 2606SB 6348Laboratory schoolsH Education1/18/2012Sullivan
EHB 2620   State funds investmentC 187 L 123/29/2012Hunter
HB 2681SB 6486Postdoctoral researchersH Labor/Work Dev1/24/2012Stanford
HB 2703   WWU, CWU, and EWUH Hi Ed1/25/2012Hinkle
2SHB 2717   Higher education innovationsH Rules 3C3/8/2012Seaquist
HB 2735   Intermediate capital projctsH Rules 3C3/8/2012Wylie
EHB 2771SB 6584State retirement systemsC 236 L 123/30/2012Pettigrew
HJR 4225   Balanced budgetH Ways & Means1/13/2012Shea
HJR 4226SJR 8221State debtH Cap Budget1/16/2012Dunshee
2SSB 5049   Sunshine committeeS Rules X2/22/2012Kline
SB 5972   Sales & use tx rate increaseS Ways & Means12/2/2011Shin
SB 5979   Discover pass sales/moneysS Energy/NatRes/M12/7/2011Honeyford
ESSB 5991   Child abuse reportingC 55 L 123/19/2012Kohl-Welles
ESSB 6009   Ethics in public serviceS Rules 33/8/2012Carrell
SSB 6029   Baccalaureate degree/3 yearsS Rules X2/22/2012Shin
SSB 6034   4-H special license platesS Rules X2/22/2012King
SB 6035   Commerce dept/energy policyS Energy/NatRes/1/9/2012Delvin
SB 6069   Electronic transactionsS Rules X2/22/2012Litzow
SB 6074   Capital sup budget 2011-13S Ways & Means1/11/2012Kilmer
SB 6094   Discover pass programS Energy/NatRes/M1/11/2012Morton
SB 6119   Career pathways actS EL/K-121/11/2012McAuliffe
SSB 6121   Financial aid counselingC 31 L 123/7/2012Frockt
SB 6164   Higher ed students/militaryS Rules X2/22/2012Hobbs
SB 6266   Disability accommodationS HighEd&WorkDev1/16/2012Shin
SB 6267   Higher ed access/disabilityS EL/K-121/16/2012Shin
SSB 6269   Higher ed coordinationS Ways & Means2/2/2012Becker
SB 6322   Need grant prog/nonprofitsS Rules X2/22/2012Hill
SSB 6399   Program feesS Ways & Means2/2/2012Frockt
SB 6402    S HighEd&WorkDev1/20/2012Tom
SB 6438   Remedial postsecondary edS EL/K-121/23/2012Stevens
SB 6447   State work-study fundingS HighEd&WorkDev1/23/2012Frockt
SB 6456   Intercollegiate athleticsS Rules X2/22/2012Haugen
SSB 6468   Research universities/fundsDel to Gov3/8/2012Kilmer
SB 6516   Plan year/PEBBS Ways & Means1/26/2012Tom
SB 6542   Intellectual property rightsS EDev/Trd/Innov2/1/2012Chase
SB 6565   State need grant/residencyS HighEd&WorkDev1/31/2012Murray
SB 6577   Retired public employeesS Ways & Means2/1/2012Brown
SB 6588   Archives and records mgmtS Ways & Means2/6/2012Kastama
ESB 6589   Direct patient-provider careS Rules 33/8/2012Kastama
SB 6590   Discover pass programS Energy/NatRes/2/6/2012Haugen
SB 6592   Financial aid programsS HighEd&WorkDev2/8/2012Hill
SB 6594   Government operationS GovtOp & Elect2/9/2012Kastama
SB 6617   Tuition waiversS Ways & Means2/27/2012Zarelli
SJR 8217   New tax increases/expirationS Ways & Means12/1/2011Stevens
SJR 8223   Research universities/fundsS Filed Sec/St3/8/2012Kilmer
SJR 8225   Higher education supportS Ways & Means1/30/2012Baumgartner
SGA 9182   JACOB K. BREDSTRANDS Rules1/27/2012 
SGA 9257   RON SIMSS Confirmed3/8/2012 
SGA 9267   RYAN DURKANS Confirmed3/8/2012 

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