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2013 Regular Session Priority Bill Watch List

Updated on7/1/2013

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Bill No*Companion Bills*TitleStatusStatus DateOriginal Sponsor
SHB 1466SB 5349Alt public works contractingC 222 L 135/14/2013Haigh
HB 1736SB 5736Higher ed efficienciesC 218 L 135/10/2013Zeiger
ESHB 1769SB 5780Higher ed efficienciesH Rules 3C4/28/2013Stonier
SB 5217State quality award programS Govt Ops1/23/2013Schoesler
SB 5420Tuition/two-year freezeS Ways & Means2/15/2013Kohl-Welles
SB 5693Higher ed supportS Ways & Means2/13/2013Baumgartner
SJR 8209Higher education/priorityS Ways & Means2/13/2013Baumgartner
SGA 9160RAFAEL B. PRUNEDAS Confirmed4/15/2013
SGA 9199MICHAEL C. WORTHYS Confirmed4/16/2013
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2013 Regular Session Bill Watch List

Updated on 7/1/2013

(Click on the bill number to view complete text and other documents)

HB 1011   Military/resident tuitionH Rules C3/13/2013Appleton   
HB 1043SB 5548Differential tuitionH Rules 3C4/28/2013Seaquist
SHB 1048   Higher education governanceH Rules 3C4/28/2013Seaquist
ESHB 1057SB 5034Operating budget 2013-2015H Rules 3C6/11/2013Hunter
HB 1058SB 5033Operating sup budget 2013H Approps1/14/2013Hunter
SHB 1088SB 5036State gen. obligation bondsH Rules 3C4/28/2013Dunshee
ESHB 1089SB 5035Capital budget 2013-2015H 3rd Reading6/28/2013Dunshee
HB 1094   State-federal govt agreemntsH Govt Operation1/16/2013Shea
HB 1109   Higher ed registration/vetsC 67 L 134/25/2013Hansen
HB 1123   State agency debt collectionH Govt Acct & Ov1/16/2013Hurst
HB 1143   State procurement policyH Govt Operation1/16/2013Dahlquist
HB 1160   College course materials/taxH Finance1/17/2013Warnick
HB 1176   Higher education bonusesH Hi Ed1/18/2013Manweller
SHB 1188   Underproducing ag landH Rules C3/13/2013Lytton
HB 1208   Digital college/high schoolH Education1/21/2013Reykdal
HB 1230   Physical therapy degreesH Rules 3C4/28/2013Green
HB 1235SSB 5441Storm water controlH Environment1/21/2013Pike
ESHB 12470SB 5560Job skills programC 103 L 135/1/2013Hansen
HB 1251   Opportunity scholarship brdH Rules 3C4/28/2013Stonier
SHB 1298SB 5169Sunshine committeeH Rules 3C4/28/2013Springer
HB 1299SB 5171Sunshine committeeH Govt Operation1/22/2013Springer
HB 1303   B & O tax credit for R & DH Tech & Econ D1/22/2013Morris
SHB 1320SB 5544Higher ed transferadvisingH Approps2/8/2013Zeiger
HB 1322SB 5195State need grant/nonprofitsH Approps2/18/2013Seaquist
SHB 1331   Student advisory committeesH Rules 3C4/28/2013Riccelli
ESHB 1364   Small rechargeable batteriesH Rules 3C4/28/2013Tharinger
HB 1398SB 5672Youth programsH Approps1/25/2013Alexander
ESHB 1403SB 5680Economic developmentC 111 L 135/1/2013Smith
HB 1404   Alcohol poisoning deathsC 112 L 135/1/2013Liias
HB 1419SB 5212State horse park authorityH Rules 3C4/28/2013Warnick
HB 1453SB 5028State need grant eligibilityH Approps Educati2/14/2013Seaquist
SHB 1459   Wine tasting by studentsH Rules 3C4/28/2013Haler
HB 1494   Higher education fundingH Finance1/29/2013Pollet
HB 1540   Uniformed personnelH Approps2/18/2013Seaquist
SHB 1558   Honey beekeepers/taxationH Rules 3C4/28/2013Warnick
SHB 1624   Tuition increase restrictionH Approps Educat2/22/2013Pollet
HB 1626   Higher ed financial aidH Hi Ed2/1/2013Santos
HB 1645   Higher ed facils authorityC 217 L 135/10/2013Riccelli
SHB 1669SB 5713Higher ed/self-supportingH Rules 3C4/28/2013Pollet
HB 1683   Postsecondary institutionsC 201 L 135/10/2013Reykdal
SHB 1725   Tuition support fund programH Approps Educati2/22/2013Tarleton
HB 1736   Higher ed efficienciesC 218 L 135/10/2013Zeiger
HB 1739   Higher ed studnt percentagesH Rules R2/22/2013Haler
HB 1761   Shellfish aquacultureH Ag & Nat Res2/8/2013Seaquist
SHB 1769   Higher ed efficienciesH Rules R2/27/2013Stonier
ESHB 1817   Higher ed financial aidH Rules 3C4/28/2013Hudgins
SHB 1823   Centers of excellenceH Approps2/22/2013Sells
SHB 1843   Higher ed financial aidH Rules 3C4/28/2013Pollet
SHB 1858   Academic credit/militaryH Rules 3C4/28/2013McCoy
SHB 1866   Aerospace tech innovationDel to Gov6/29/2013Morris
ESHB 1870   Payment methodsH Rules 3C4/28/2013Habib
E2SHB 1872SB 5755ScitechengineeringmathDel to Gov6/29/2013Maxwell
HB 1873   Higher ed child care grantsH Approps2/13/2013Riccelli
HB 1878   State need grant award amntsH Hi Ed2/13/2013Haler
HB 1881   Resident student/definitionH Hi Ed2/14/2013Dahlquist
SHB 1888   Industrial hempH Apps Gen Govt2/22/2013Shea
SHB 1894   Shellfish aquacultureH Approps2/22/2013Seaquist
EHB 1920   Estatetransfer tx/edu acctH Rules 3C4/28/2013Ormsby
HB 1936   Industry demand/credentialsH Hi Ed2/19/2013Seaquist
HB 1976   Marijuana/tax revenuesH Finance3/5/2013Morris
HB 1977   Renewable energyH Environment3/6/2013Upthegrove
HB 1998   State need grant eligibilityH Hi Ed3/13/2013Hudgins
SHB 2018   State retirement systemsH Rules 3C4/28/2013Hunter
HB 2027   Direct depositH Local Govt4/10/2013Taylor
ESHB 2034   Basic and higher ed fundingH Rules 3C6/11/2013Ormsby
ESHB 2038   Basic ed & higher ed fundingH Rules 3C4/28/2013Carlyle
HB 2049   New economy scholars fundH Finance4/18/2013Seaquist
HB 2058   State budget transparencyC 327 L 135/21/2013Hawkins
EHB 2075   Estatetransfer tx/edu acctC 2 L 13 E26/14/2013Carlyle
SB 5023   College DUI courtsS Law & Justice1/14/2013Padden
SB 5026   Elem. student peer mentoringS Higher Ed1/15/2013Hasegawa
SB 5029   Washington investment trustS FI/Hous/Ins1/15/2013Hasegawa
SB 5044   GET ready for college prog.S Higher Ed1/15/2013Hasegawa
SB 5087   Illegal aliensS Higher Ed1/17/2013Benton
SSB 5123   Farm internship programS Rules 34/28/2013Ranker
SB 5179SB 5318Military/resident tuitionS Higher Ed1/22/2013Shin
SSB 5180   Higher ed access/disabilityC 231 L 135/14/2013Shin
SB 5217   State quality award programS Govt Ops1/23/2013Schoesler
SSB 5222   Industrial hempS Ways & Means2/1/2013Kohl-Welles
SB 5247   Intellectual property rightsS Higher Ed1/24/2013Chase
SSB 5251   B&O tax exemption for R&DS Rules 23/1/2013Chase
2E2SSB 5296   Model toxics control actC 1 L 13 E26/14/2013Ericksen
SB 5343   Higher ed students/militaryC 271 L 135/16/2013Bailey
SB 5390   Educ and tuition incentivesS Higher Ed1/29/2013Frockt
SB 5421   Higher ed enrollment/fundingS Higher Ed1/29/2013Kohl-Welles
SSB 5445   Funding capital projectsS Rules 34/28/2013Honeyford
ESSB 5577   Public employee ethicsC 190 L 135/8/2013Carrell
2SSB 5624   STEM or career and tech edC 55 L 134/23/2013McAuliffe
SB 5649   Collaborative schoolsS EL/K-122/6/2013Rolfes
SB 5655   Higher ed financial aidS Higher Ed2/7/2013Murray
SB 5670   State need grant eligibilityS Higher Ed2/7/2013Ranker
ESSB 5709   Densified biomass pilot progC 308 L 135/20/2013Smith
SB 5713   Higher ed/self-supportingS Higher Ed2/11/2013Kohl-Welles
SB 5730   Higher ed child care grantsS Higher Ed2/12/2013Ranker
SB 5738   Education improvemnt/fundingS Ways & Means2/13/2013Murray
SB 5751   Inventory of state feesC 63 L 134/23/2013Schoesler
SB 5757   Information technologyS Ways & Means2/21/2013Smith
SSB 5774   Alcohol tasting/ages 19 & 20C 59 L 134/23/2013Hewitt
SB 5777   Audit of state universitiesS Higher Ed2/14/2013Hasegawa
SB 5783   Customizd employmnt trainingS Trade & Econom2/14/2013Shin
SB 5787   Higher ed facilities authrtyS Rules 34/28/2013Bailey
SSB 5791   Youth programsS Ways & Means2/22/2013Fain
2SSB 5794   Alternative learning coursesS Rules 34/28/2013Dammeier
SB 5818   K-12 career educationS EL/K-122/19/2013Rivers
SB 5819   Rule makingsuspension ofS Govt Ops2/19/2013Benton
SB 5823   Public wrks projects/payrollS Commerce and L2/19/2013Chase
SSB 5835   Differential tuitionS Ways & Means2/22/2013Tom
SSB 5883   Higher education fundingS Rules 24/28/2013Baumgartner
ESSB 5891   State tech expendituresDel to Gov6/29/2013Hill
SB 5893   International studentsS Ways & Means4/3/2013Hill
2ESSB 5895   Education fundingS Rules 36/11/2013Hill
ESSB 5905   State employee ins. benefitsS Rules 34/28/2013Hill
SB 5926   Aerospace competitivenessS Trade & Economi4/26/2013Chase
SB 5928   Audit of state universitiesS Higher Ed4/26/2013Chase
SB 5936   Higher ed appropriationsS Higher Ed5/17/2013Baumgartner
SB 5937   Resident undergrad tuitionS Higher Ed5/17/2013Baumgartner
SB 5941   Resident undergrad tuitionS Rules 26/7/2013Baumgartner
SB 5942   Higher ed appropriationsS Rules 26/7/2013Baumgartner

* Click on bill number to go to the Bill Summary Page on the Legislature’s web site.