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Watch List of State Bills

Flag Key – (flags occur after the bill number)      a Amended.   $ Appropriation bill.   f State fiscal note on file.   d Department. e Governor.   b Budget committee.   o Other.   # Local fiscal note on file.
Pink cells indicate either a change in status or that a new bill is being tracked.

2014 Regular Session Bill Watch List

Updated on 3/17/14

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EHB 1011   Military/resident tuitionH Rules 3C3/13/2014Appleton   
HB 1043SB 5548Differential tuitionH Rules 3C3/13/2014Seaquist
HB 1251   Opportunity scholarship brdH Rules 3C3/13/2014Stonier
SHB 1298   Sunshine committeeH Rules 3C3/13/2014Springer
SHB 1669   Higher ed/self-supportingDel to Gov3/12/2014Pollet
ESHB 1817   Higher ed financial aidH Rules 3C3/13/2014Hudgins
SHB 1843   Higher ed financial aidH Rules 3C3/13/2014Pollet
SHB 2098   Conforming amends/state govtH Rules 3C3/13/2014Bergquist
SHB 2105   Govt agency meeting agendasDel to Gov3/11/2014Hawkins
SHB 2109   Family practice residenciesH Approps1/27/2014Haler
SHB 2121SB 5964Public records and meetingsH Rules 3C3/13/2014Pollet
HB 2141SB 6135Banks and trust companiesH Rules C2/18/2014Kirby
SHB 2144   Marijuana excise tax revenueH Approps2/5/2014Condotta
SHB 2178   Unmanned aircraftH Rules 3C3/13/2014Morris
HB 2181   Career & college ready reqsH Education1/13/2014Lytton
SHB 2183   State energy policyH Rules 3C3/13/2014Morris
SHB 2185SB 6002Operating sup budget 2014H Rules R3/3/2014Hunter
2SHB 2202   Open government data policyH Rules R2/11/2014Carlyle
SHB 2224SB 6020Capital sup budget 2013-2015H Rules C3/13/2014Dunshee
HB 2238   Paid vacation leaveH Labor/Work Dev1/15/2014Tarleton
SHB 2248   Unused annual leave accrualH Approps1/31/2014Reykdal
HB 2252   Bill & budget fiscal impactsH Approps1/15/2014Sullivan
HB 2268   Federal land transferH Judiciary1/15/2014Taylor
HB 2274   Assistant attorneys generalH Labor/Work Dev1/15/2014Reykdal
HB 2285   Dual credit courseworkH Rules 3C3/13/2014Orwall
ESHB 2298   Capital projects/tech infra.Del to Gov3/11/2014Pike
HB 2308   Audit of state universitiesH Hi Ed1/15/2014Condotta
SHB 2317SB 6336Expanded learning oppsH Approps2/5/2014Haigh
SHB 2331   Public works payroll recordsH Rules 3C3/13/2014Sells
SHB 2336   Higher ed department budgetsH Rules 3C3/13/2014Zeiger
SHB 2352   Online alt. degree programH Approps1/31/2014Sawyer
HB 2358   Professional learningH Education1/16/2014Lytton
SHB 2365   Paraeducator developmentH Rules 3C3/13/2014Bergquist
E2SHB 2377SB 6127Early care and educationH Rules 3C3/13/2014Hunter
E2SHB 2383   Career and college readinessH Rules 3C3/13/2014Reykdal
HB 2396   Running start participationH Approps Educati2/4/2014Orwall
HB 2398   Community college degreesDel to Gov3/12/2014Walkinshaw
SHB 2400   Mentoring & service learningH Approps2/5/2014Walkinshaw
HB 2407   PERS/retiree return to workH Rules 3C3/13/2014Ormsby
HB 2408SB 6321PERSSERSTRS contrib rateH Rules 3C3/13/2014Ormsby
SHB 2429   Advance higher ed loan prog.H Approps Educati2/4/2014Stonier
HB 2431   Military trainingH Approps1/17/2014Haler
HB 2434SB 6236Higher ed facilities authrtyH Rules C2/18/2014Walsh
HB 2436SB 6346PEBB benefits accountH Rules 3C3/13/2014Hunter
HB 2437SB 6347PEBB benefitseligibilityH Rules 3C3/13/2014Hunter
HB 2443   Higher ed programs dataH Hi Ed1/17/2014Magendanz
HB 2450   Persons with disabilitiesH Rules 3C3/13/2014Haigh
HB 2465   Extracted fuel tax exemptionH Finance1/17/2014Carlyle
SHB 2485   PERS/domestic partnershipsH Rules R2/5/2014Moeller
2SHB 2486SB 6344Inmate postsecondary edH Rules 3C3/13/2014Pettigrew
E2SHB 2540SB 6044Career & tech course equivsH Rules 3C3/13/2014Stonier
HB 2545   Nonconviction info/employmntH Rules R2/5/2014Moscoso
ESHB 2546   Higher education provisionsH Rules 3C3/13/2014Reykdal
HB 2551   FIrearms/during emergencyH Judiciary1/21/2014Overstreet
HB 2564   Electronic signaturesH Govt Operation1/21/2014Robinson
HB 2566   Marijuana fund & excise taxH Govt Acct & Ov1/21/2014Kretz
SHB 2578   Public works proposalsH Rules R2/5/2014Dunshee
SHB 2587SB 6370Highway worker spousechildH Approps Educat2/5/2014Moscoso
HB 2611   Patients w/devel disabilityH Approps2/5/2014Johnson
SHB 2612   Opportunity scholarshipDel to Gov3/13/2014Hansen
SHB 2613   Higher ed efficienciesDel to Gov3/13/2014Gregerson
HB 2615   State need grant renewalH Hi Ed1/22/2014Pike
HB 2619   State need pay it forwardH Hi Ed1/22/2014Bergquist
HB 2621   College in the high schoolH Rules C2/18/2014Johnson
ESHB 2626   Educational attainment goalsDel to Gov3/13/2014Seaquist
EHB 2636   Govt environmental reportsDel to Gov3/11/2014Smith
HB 2640   Higher ed instruc. materialsH Hi Ed1/23/2014Riccelli
SHB 2651   Higher ed transparencyH Rules 3C3/13/2014Hansen
HB 2653   Higher ed degree productionH Hi Ed1/23/2014Zeiger
HB 2661   Res. institute for teachingH Hi Ed1/23/2014Seaquist
HB 2685   High-tech R&D tax prefsH Finance1/27/2014Pettigrew
2SHB 2694   Higher ed/low-income studntsH Rules 3C3/13/2014Hansen
SHB 2720   Pay it forward programH Approps2/5/2014Seaquist
HB 2726   Higher ed opportunitiesH Approps1/28/2014Hudgins
HB 2735   PERS member retirement ageH Approps1/29/2014Robinson
HB 2736   Deferred compensation prog.H Approps1/29/2014Sullivan
2SHB 2743   Government contractingH Rules 3C3/13/2014HuntS.
HB 2764   Sunshine committeeH Govt Operations2/4/2014Springer
HB 2767   Marijuana & industrial hempH Govt Acct & Ove2/4/2014Fagan
HB 2788   4-year higher ed employeesH Approps2/17/2014Sawyer
EHB 2789   Government surveillanceDel to Gov3/13/2014Taylor
SSB 5676   Personal voter signaturesS Rules 33/13/2014Braun
SB 5954   Industrial hempS Ag/Water/RurEcD1/13/2014Hasegawa
2SSB 5958   Student transition servicesDel to Gov3/12/2014McAuliffe
ESB 5964HB 2121Public records and meetingsDel to Gov3/12/2014Fain
SSB 5969   Academic credit/militaryDel to Gov3/12/2014O'Ban
ESSB 6002HB 2185Operating sup budget 2014Del to Gov3/13/2014Hill
ESSB 6020HB 2224Capital sup budget 2013-2015S Rules 33/13/2014Honeyford
SSB 6042   Higher ed appropriationsS Rules X3/3/2014Baumgartner
SSB 6043   Resident undergrad tuitionS Ways & Means2/7/2014Baumgartner
SB 6044HB 2540Career & tech course equivsS EL/K-121/15/2014Litzow
SB 6083   Precollege placementS Rules X2/25/2014Kohl-Welles
SSB 6127HB 2377Early care and educationS Ways & Means2/6/2014Litzow
SSB 6129   Paraeducator developmentDel to Gov3/13/2014Hill
SSB 6172   Unmanned aerial vehiclesS Rules X2/25/2014Hargrove
2SSB 6178   Medical and rec. marijuanaS Ways & Means2/7/2014Kohl-Welles
SB 6183   Collective bargainingS Rules X3/3/2014Braun
SB 6209   Expanded learningS EL/K-121/17/2014Dammeier
SB 6213   Minority & women's businessS Govt Ops1/17/2014Hasegawa
2SSB 6214   Industrial hemp productionS Rules X2/25/2014Kohl-Welles
SB 6236HB 2434Higher ed facilities authrtyS Rules X2/25/2014Kohl-Welles
ESSB 6265   Agencies/patient health infoDel to Gov3/13/2014Frockt
SSB 6267   High-tech R&D tax incentivesS Rules 22/11/2014Hill
SSB 6274   St. agency tortious conductS Rules X3/3/2014Hill
SB 6321HB 2408PERSSERSTRS contrib rateDel to Gov3/12/2014Bailey
SB 6329   Persons with disabilitiesS Health Care1/21/2014Sheldon
SB 6341   LEED plus W building stdS Govt Ops1/22/2014Hargrove
SB 6344HB 2486Inmate postsecondary edS HumServ/Corr1/22/2014Hargrove
SB 6346HB 2436PEBB benefits accountS Health Care1/22/2014Becker
SB 6347HB 2437PEBB benefitseligibilityS Health Care1/22/2014Becker
SB 6358   Financial aid policiesDel to Gov3/10/2014Kohl-Welles
SSB 6362   Higher ed efficienciesS Rules 33/13/2014Bailey
SSB 6370HB 2587Highway worker spousechildS Ways & Means2/7/2014King
SB 6386   Alcohol tasting by studentsS Rules X3/3/2014Holmquist Newbry
SB 6393   Marijuana tax revenuesS Ways & Means1/23/2014Baumgartner
E2SSB 6423   Opportunity scholarshipS Rules 33/13/2014Bailey
ESSB 6430   High-tech R&D tax prefsS Rules 33/13/2014Liias
SSB 6482   Four-year college dashboardS Rules X2/25/2014Kohl-Welles
SB 6484   State agency grant programS Govt Ops1/29/2014Hill
SB 6486   Higher ed instruc. materialsS Ways & Means1/29/2014Bailey
SB 6506   Employees of state hospitalsS Commerce and L1/30/2014Conway
SSB 6516   Task force/water supplyetcS Rules 33/13/2014Honeyford
ESSB 6517   Agency employees' ID numbersDel to Gov3/13/2014Roach
E2SSB 6518   Tech-based econ developmentDel to Gov3/13/2014Chase
SB 6523   Higher ed opportunitiesC 1 L 142/26/2014Bailey
ESSB 6542   Cannabis industry committeeS Rules 33/13/2014Kohl-Welles
SB 6548   Government contractingS Govt Ops2/4/2014Fraser
SB 6559   State need grantsS Higher Ed2/10/2014Holmquist Newbry
SJM 8016   Crimson and Gray Cougar HwyS Transportation2/27/2014Baumgartner
SCR 8409   High skills high wages planS Filed Sec/St3/12/2014Bailey
SGA 9318   LINDSEY SCHAFFERS Confirmed3/7/2014