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2015-16 WSU Bill Tracking


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Bill No*Companion Bills*TitleStatusStatus DateOriginal Sponsor
SHB 1008   Agency data practices auditsH Gen Govt & Info1/11/2016Smith
SHB 1031   College in the high schoolH Rules X1/28/2016Johnson
HB 1036   Domestic partnerships & PERSH Rules X1/28/2016Moeller
HB 1050   Annual leave paymentsH State Governme1/12/2015Hunt, S.
SHB 1079SB 5348Joint utilization contractsH State Governmen1/11/2016Kochmar
SHB 1086   Public record commercial useH Approps2/19/2015Moeller
SHB 1092SB 5059Patent infringement claimsH Judiciary1/11/2016Jinkins
ESHB 1093   Unmanned aircraftH Rules 3C4/24/2015Morris
2SHB 1106SB 5077Operating bdgt 2015, 2015-17H Approps1/11/2016Hunter
SHB 1188   Annual leave paymentsH Approps2/2/2015Hunt, S.
HB 1235SB 5075Procurement lawH State Governmen1/11/2016Holy
E2SHB 1236   College bound scholarshipH Rules 3C3/10/2016Ortiz-Self
SHB 1238   Affordable tuition planningH Hi Ed1/11/2016Pollet
HB 1355SB 5285Minimum hourly wage increaseH Labor & Workpla1/11/2016Farrell
SHB 1369   Student volunteer healthcareH Rules 3C4/24/2015Riccelli
SHB 1400   Higher ed budget info/onlineH Approps2/20/2015Haler
EHB 1443   Commercial parking/feesH Rules 3C4/24/2015Hunt, G.
SHB 1445   Computer sci/world languagesH Hi Ed1/11/2016Reykdal
2SHB 1469   Sensitive data/state networkH Rules 3C6/27/2015Hudgins
SHB 1500SB 5133Higher ed cost driver studyH Approps2/17/2015Zeiger
HB 1532SB 5562Higher ed budget submissionsH Rules X2/2/2016Smith
ESHB 1639   Govt surveillance technologyH Rules 3C4/24/2015Taylor
SHB 1644SB 5561Vet. survivor tuition waiverH Hi Ed1/11/2016Gregory
ESHB 1646SB 5630Equal pay and opportunitiesH Rules 3C3/10/2016Senn
2SHB 1654   Pollen-rich plants for beesH Ag & Nat Res1/11/2016Peterson
HB 1670   Agricultural innovationsH Tech & Econ De1/11/2016Walkinshaw
SHB 1684   Public records, charges forH Rules R2/27/2015Takko
SHB 1696SB 5484Higher ed tuition settingH Approps1/11/2016Haler
HB 1704   Safety & reducing recidivismH Approps1/11/2016Pettigrew
ESHB 1754   Building envelope/public wrkH Rules X2/26/2016Buys
SHB 1760SB 5688Student skillsH Approps2/20/2015Senn
EHB 1770SB 5496Teacher certificationH Rules 3C3/10/2016Bergquist
HB 1771SB 5497Prof. educator standards brdH Education1/11/2016Gregory
HB 1820SB 5794EBT cards/higher ed studentsH Rules 3C4/24/2015Reykdal
2E2SHB 1825SB 5355Resident student/veteransH Hi Ed1/11/2016Kilduff
HB 1880SB 5746Everett Cmty Coll./aerospaceH Hi Ed1/11/2016Springer
ESHB 1949   Higher ed student protectionH Rules 3C3/10/2016Pollet
2SHB 2041   Need grant prog scholarshipsH Hi Ed1/11/2016Hansen
HB 2290   Public record request limitsH State Governme1/11/2016MacEwen
HB 2301   State need grant, rate usedH Hi Ed1/11/2016Hargrove
HB 2333   PERS plan choiceH Approps1/11/2016Reykdal
HB 2343   Limited medical licensesH HC/Wellness1/11/2016Cody
E2SHB 2346   Renewable energy promotionH 3rd Reading3/28/2016Morris
HB 2349   Renaming branch campusesH Hi Ed1/11/2016Haler
HB 2353SB 6171OPMA/civil penaltiesH Rules R1/29/2016Hunt, S.
HB 2372   Firearm destruction/law enf.H Judiciary1/12/2016Senn
SHB 2382   Teachers/alt. route programsH Approps2/1/2016Magendanz
HB 2398   Purchases/agencies for blindC 40 L 163/29/2016Holy
HB 2404   Workplace pregnancy accom.H Labor & Workpl1/13/2016Kochmar
SHB 2414   Bistate bridge project groupH Rules R2/5/2016Wylie
SHB 2434   WA space exploration sectorH Approps1/29/2016Morris
HB 2451   Postsec. & K-12 partnershipsH Hi Ed1/13/2016Stambaugh
SHB 2452SB 6228Medical licensure compactH Rules 3C3/10/2016Riccelli
HB 2467SB 6630Rec. mineral prospectingH Ag & Nat Res1/13/2016Tarleton
HB 2488   Academic bill of rightsH Hi Ed1/14/2016Manweller
HB 2490   Public employee bargainingH Labor & Workpl1/14/2016Manweller
HB 2523SB 6462Leasehold excise tax creditH Finance1/14/2016Lytton
HB 2543SB 6319Civil service qualificationsH Rules 3C3/10/2016Stokesbary
HB 2546   UW regents faculty rep.H Hi Ed1/14/2016Pollet
HB 2557   Unused shared leave returnDel to Gov3/7/2016Hunt, S.
E2SHB 2573SB 6332Teacher shortageH Rules 3C3/10/2016Santos
HB 2582   GET programH Hi Ed1/15/2016Bergquist
HB 2589   Gender-segregated facilitiesH Judiciary1/15/2016Hunt, G.
HB 2595SB 6273Schools/safe technology useH Education1/15/2016Ortiz-Self
HB 2609   Educator cultural competenceH Education1/15/2016Magendanz
SHB 2645SB 6251Eliminating accountsH Rules R2/5/2016Hudgins
HB 2656SB 6423Zero-based budget reviewsH Approps1/18/2016Stokesbary
SHB 2661   Dev. disabilities trustH Approps2/5/2016Kilduff
SHB 2662   Next gen educational savingsH Approps2/5/2016Kilduff
HB 2679   Life sciences researchH Rules 3C3/10/2016Morris
SHB 2680   Open education pilot grantsH Approps2/5/2016Stambaugh
HB 2683   State route 26 improvementsH Trans1/18/2016Hunt, S.
SHB 2686   Textbook affordabilityH Approps2/5/2016Sullivan
HB 2692   Higher ed. perform. fundingH Hi Ed1/18/2016Zeiger
HB 2722SB 6393Small & limited public worksH Cap Budget1/19/2016Kochmar
HB 2736   Governor appointments/genderH Rules R2/5/2016Frame
SHB 2755SB 6409Higher ed. admin. efficiencyH Cap Budget2/5/2016Zeiger
2SHB 2769   CTC bachelor degrees pilotH Rules 3C3/10/2016Senn
HB 2780   Open source ed. materialsH Finance2/1/2016Young
HB 2782   Gender segregated facilitiesH Judiciary1/20/2016Klippert
E2SHB 2793SB 6603Suicide educationDel to Gov3/10/2016Orwall
HB 2801   Higher education opportunityH Rules R2/9/2016Hansen
ESHB 2804   Contracted highway workersH Rules 3C3/10/2016Haler
HB 2809SB 6355High-technology researchH Finance1/21/2016Sullivan
SHB 2820   Comm. & tech. college accessH Approps2/5/2016Pollet
HB 2822   Underservd grps/I-200 repealH Cap Budget1/21/2016Santos
ESHB 2825SB 6466Disabled student servicesH Rules 3C3/10/2016Frame
HB 2829   Collective bargainingH Labor & Workpla1/22/2016Chandler
HB 2830   Fiscal notes & impact stmntsH Approps1/22/2016Chandler
HB 2832   Physician limited licensesH Rules X2/26/2016Tharinger
HB 2867   Higher ed. conceal carryH Judiciary1/25/2016Scott
HB 2881   Educator shortageH Education1/25/2016Pollet
EHB 2883   State agency reportsDel to Gov3/10/2016Senn
HB 2887SB 6609Grad. student loans studyH Hi Ed1/25/2016Haler
HB 2890SB 6474Higher ed. plans for votingH Hi Ed1/25/2016Haler
HB 2911   Tuition/activities feesH Hi Ed1/27/2016Reykdal
HB 2912   Crime victim participationH Public Safety1/27/2016Pettigrew
HB 2927   Telemedicine/mental healthH HC/Wellness1/27/2016Short
2SHB 2933   Small works rostersH Rules 3C3/10/2016Gregerson
HB 2935SB 6443Gender seg. facility rulesH Judiciary1/28/2016Van Werven
SHB 2936SB 6596Public investmentsH Rules 3C3/10/2016Senn
2SHB 2955   Free to finish college prog.H Rules X2/26/2016Hansen
SSB 5012   Industrial hempS Rules X2/25/2016Hatfield
SSB 5059HB 1092Patent infringement claimsC 108 L 154/25/2015Frockt
SB 5075HB 1235Procurement lawC 79 L 154/24/2015Baumgartner
ESSB 5077HB 1106Operating bdgt 2015, 2015-17S Rules X2/25/2016Hill
SSB 5081   State governmnt expendituresS Rules X2/25/2016Miloscia
2SSB 5093   Nuclear energy edu programS Rules X2/25/2016Brown
ESSB 5133HB 1500Higher education costsS Rules X2/25/2016Bailey
SSB 5206   Audits finding noncomplianceS Rules 33/10/2016Becker
ESB 5226   Public sector union financesS Rules X2/25/2016Becker
SB 5278   St agencies/legis. oversightS Rules X2/25/2016Miloscia
SB 5285HB 1355Minimum hourly wage increaseS Commerce and L1/19/2015Jayapal
SB 5295   Four-yr higher ed dashboardS Rules X2/25/2016Kohl-Welles
SB 5318   Wildlife coll. student loansS Rules X2/25/2016Parlette
SSB 5348HB 1079Joint utilization contractsC 232 L 155/11/2015Miloscia
ESSB 5355HB 1825Resident student/veteransC 8 L 15 E37/6/2015Bailey
SB 5484HB 1696Higher ed tuition settingS Ways & Means2/11/2015Bailey
SB 5496EHB 1770Teacher certificationS Rules X2/25/2016Litzow
SB 5497HB 1771Prof. educator standards brdS Rules X2/2/2016Litzow
ESB 5524   Persons with disabilitiesS Rules X2/25/2016Sheldon
ESSB 5561HB 1644Vet. survivor tuition waiverS Rules 33/10/2016Bailey
SB 5562HB 1532Higher ed budget submissionsS Ways & Means1/23/2015Bailey
SB 5630HB 1646Equal pay and opportunitiesS Commerce and L1/27/2015Cleveland
E2SSB 5688HB 1760Student skillsS Rules X2/25/2016Litzow
E2SSB 5737   Government performanceS Rules X2/25/2016Miloscia
SB 5746HB 1880Everett Cmty Coll./aerospaceC 218 L 155/8/2015Bailey
SB 5794HB 1820EBT cards/higher ed studentsS HumSer/MenHlth2/3/2015McAuliffe
SB 5867   Lobbying campaign pub disclS GovtOp&Sec2/6/2015Liias
SSB 5928   Education T.O.Del to Gov3/29/2016Dammeier
SB 6014   Pub records actions remediesS GovtOp&Sec2/17/2015Honeyford
SB 6171HB 2353OPMA/civil penaltiesGov signed3/29/2016Roach
SSB 6177   Marijuana research licensesS Filed Sec/St3/29/2016Rivers
SB 6188   Distributed generationS Energy Enviro1/11/2016McCoy
SB 6189   Native American curriculumS Ways & Means2/5/2016McCoy
ESSB 6206   Industrial hemp growingS Filed Sec/St3/29/2016Hasegawa
SB 6218   Clean energy education prg.S Rules X2/25/2016Brown
SB 6228HB 2452Medical licensure compactS Health Care1/13/2016Parlette
SB 6233   Student freedom of express.S Rules X2/25/2016Fain
SB 6251HB 2645Eliminating accountsS Ways & Means1/13/2016Hill
SSB 6268   RCW provisions not neededS Rules 33/10/2016Schoesler
SSB 6273HB 2595Schools/safe technology useGov signed3/29/2016Liias
SSB 6281   Uniform athlete agents actS Filed Sec/St3/29/2016Fain
ESSB 6293   Student volunteersGov signed3/29/2016Braun
SSB 6319HB 2543Civil service qualificationsS Rules X2/25/2016Jayapal
SB 6332HB 2573Teacher shortageS EL/K-121/15/2016Litzow
SB 6347   Forest fire preventionS Ways & Means2/5/2016Hobbs
SSB 6354   Reverse transfer agreementS Filed Sec/St3/29/2016Liias
SB 6355HB 2809High-technology researchS Ways & Means2/4/2016Frockt
SSB 6393HB 2722Small & limited public worksS Rules X2/25/2016Warnick
SB 6396   Rule review and expirationS Rules 33/10/2016Braun
SSB 6409HB 2755Higher ed. admin. efficiencyS Rules 33/10/2016Bailey
SSB 6410   Public emp. union electionsS Rules X2/25/2016Hewitt
SB 6423HB 2656Zero-based budget reviewsS Ways & Means2/5/2016Miloscia
SB 6424   Agency self-assessmentsS Ways & Means2/5/2016Miloscia
SB 6433   Forfeiting public pensionsS Ways & Means1/20/2016Bailey
SB 6434   Garnishing public pensionsS Ways & Means1/20/2016Bailey
SB 6435   Optional salary deferralS Ways & Means1/20/2016Bailey
SB 6443HB 2935Gender seg. facility rulesS Failed 3rd2/10/2016Ericksen
SB 6462HB 2523Leasehold excise tax creditS Ways & Means1/21/2016Bailey
SSB 6464   Adjud. proceeding deadlinesS Rules 33/10/2016Padden
SSB 6466HB 2825Disabled student servicesS Filed Sec/St3/29/2016Habib
SB 6474HB 2890Higher ed. plans for votingS Higher Ed1/21/2016Frockt
SB 6481   Comm. & tech. college accessS Higher Ed1/21/2016Jayapal
SSB 6512   State need grant/STEM degreeS Rules X2/25/2016Baumgartner
SB 6517   Gender representationS GovtOp&Sec1/22/2016Keiser
SSB 6519   TelemedicineGov signed3/29/2016Becker
SSB 6548   Gender-segregated facilitiesS Rules X2/25/2016Warnick
SSB 6570   Toxic pollution cleanupS Ways & Means2/5/2016Ericksen
SSB 6587   Tuition/activities feesS Ways & Means2/5/2016Liias
SB 6596HB 2936Public investmentsS Ways & Means1/28/2016Hill
E2SSB 6601   WA college savings programGov signed3/29/2016Frockt
SB 6603HB 2793Suicide educationS HumSer/MenHlth1/28/2016Fain
SB 6607   State route 276 removalDel to Gov3/9/2016Baumgartner
SB 6608   Student loan aid B&O creditS Higher Ed1/29/2016Liias
SB 6609HB 2887Grad. student loans studyS Higher Ed1/29/2016Liias
SB 6610   Student loan bill of rightsS Higher Ed1/29/2016Liias
SB 6626   Accel. baccalaureate degreesS Rules 33/10/2016Bailey
SB 6630HB 2467Rec. mineral prospectingS Natural Resour2/2/2016Parlette
SB 6673   Bellevue College BSc degreesS Ways & Means3/2/2016Carlyle
SB 6676   State agency lobbyingS GovtOp&Sec3/9/2016Dansel
SGA 9007   DON BARBIERIS Rules4/24/2015 
SGA 9022   SCOTT E. CARSONS Higher Ed1/19/2015 
SGA 9217   TED BASELERS Confirmed2/9/2016 
SGA 9304   JANSEN M. VANDERMEULENS Confirmed3/29/2016 

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