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2017-18 WSU Bill Tracking


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Bill No*Companion Bills*TitleStatusStatus DateOriginal Sponsor 
1000HB 1000SB 5000SB 5000Law enforcement deadly forceH Public Safety1/9/2017Doglio  
1005HB 1005    Agency rule-making authorityH State Govt, Ele1/9/2017Taylor  
1008HB 1008    Nat. resources agencies/landH Cap Budget1/9/2017Shea  
1010SHB 1010    Dept. of ecology agreementsC 47 L 174/19/2017Shea  
1011HB 1011    Gender-segregated facilitiesH Judiciary1/9/2017Taylor  
1012HB 10122ESB 58912ESB 5891H.S. graduation/science testH Education1/9/2017Taylor  
1033HB 1033    Private colleges/need grantH Hi Ed1/9/2017Manweller  
1048SHB 1048SB 5499SB 5499Renewable energy promotionH Finance3/2/2017Morris  
1049HB 1049    Unmanned aircraftH Tech & Econ De1/9/2017Morris  
1057SHB 1057SB 5022SB 5022Education loan informationH Approps2/16/2017Orwall  
1067SHB 1067SB 5048SB 5048Operating budget 2017-2019H Approps1/8/2018Ormsby  
1068HB 1068SB 5047SB 5047Operating sup budget 2017H Approps1/9/2017Ormsby  
10752SHB 1075SB 5086SB 5086Capital budget 2017-2019H Rules X1/24/2018Tharinger  
1080E2SHB 1080SB 5090SB 5090State gen. obligation bondsC 3 L 181/19/2018Tharinger  
1094HB 1094    Medical marijuana/employmentH Labor & Workpla1/11/2017Sawyer  
1102HB 1102    Govt surveillance technologyH Public Safety1/11/2017Taylor  
1103HB 1103    Federal land transferH Judiciary1/11/2017Taylor  
1107HB 1107    Renaming branch campusesC 52 L 174/19/2017Haler  
1115ESHB 1115SB 5070SB 5070ParaeducatorsC 237 L 175/8/2017Bergquist  
1158HB 1158    I-200 repealH Cap Budget1/16/2017Santos  
1160SHB 1160SB 5418SB 5418Sunshine committeeH State Govt, Ele1/8/2018Springer  
1163E2SHB 1163    Domestic violenceC 272 L 175/10/2017Goodman  
11693SHB 1169    Student loan assistance Del to Gov3/7/2018Orwall  
11702SHB 1170    Truancy reduction effortsC 291 L 175/16/2017Orwall  
1178HB 1178    Religion/gov. discriminationH Judiciary1/12/2017Shea  
1193HB 1193    Fourth amendment/federal govH Judiciary1/13/2017Taylor  
1202HB 1202    International law & propertyH Judiciary1/13/2017Young  
1207HB 1207    St agency-fed govt agreemntsH Approps1/13/2017Young  
1214HB 1214    State need grant, rate usedH Hi Ed1/13/2017Hargrove  
1220HB 1220    Flying of flags/higher ed.H Hi Ed1/13/2017Klippert  
1238SHB 1238    Higher ed. faculty expansionH Approps2/15/2017Pollet  
1240HB 1240    JARRC/agency rule makingH State Govt, Ele1/13/2017Koster  
1241HB 1241    Agency rule makingH State Govt, Ele1/13/2017Koster  
1243HB 1243    Aborted fetal body partsH HC/Wellness1/16/2017Klippert  
1253HB 1253    Open source ed. materialsH Finance1/17/2017Young  
1262HB 1262    Accessible parking spacesC 132 L 174/27/2017McBride  
1263SHB 1263    Powered automatic doorsH Rules C2/19/2018McBride  
1287HB 1287    Collective bargainingH Labor & Workpla1/16/2017Chandler  
1289ESHB 1289    State-funded projects/plaqueH Rules 3C4/23/2017Riccelli  
1294HB 1294    Model ethnic studies curric.H Education1/8/2018Ortiz-Self  
12982SHB 1298    Job applicants/arrests, etc. Del to Gov3/7/2018Ortiz-Self  
1317SHB 1317SB 5207SB 5207GPS data disclosureH State Govt, Ele1/8/2018McBride  
1323ESHB 1323SB 5173SB 5173Loss prevention reviewsH State Govt, Ele1/8/2018Wylie  
13252SHB 1325SB 5087SB 5087Capital projects/higher ed. H Rules 3C3/8/2018Tharinger  
1333ESHB 1333ESB 5234ESB 5234AP exam creditH Hi Ed1/8/2018Stambaugh  
1337HB 1337SB 5221SB 5221Medical licensure compactC 195 L 175/5/2017Riccelli  
1356HB 1356SB 5413SB 5413Physician limited licensesH HC/Wellness1/18/2017Haler  
1361HB 1361    Occupational licensure portH Bus & Fin Svcs1/18/2017Manweller  
1362HB 1362SB 5832SB 5832Academic bill of rightsH Hi Ed1/18/2017Manweller  
1379SHB 1379    Higher ed. behavioral healthH Approps2/13/2017Orwall  
1404SHB 1404SB 5285SB 5285Workforce study/ag., etc.H Approps2/13/2017Tarleton  
1417SHB 1417    OPMA/IT security mattersC 137 L 174/27/2017Hudgins  
1421ESHB 1421    Sensitive data/st. networks H Rules 3C3/8/2018Smith  
1425SHB 1425    Ed. savings account pilotH Approps2/17/2017Kilduff  
14332SHB 1433SB 5592SB 5592Tuition/activities feesDel to Gov3/6/2018Stambaugh  
1434ESHB 1434SB 5295SB 5295Shared leave/pregnancyDel to Gov3/6/2018Robinson  
1437HB 1437    Board of regents/faculty H Rules 3C3/8/2018Pollet  
1440E2SHB 1440SB 5210SB 5210Student loan bill of rightsH Approps1/8/2018Stonier  
1441HB 1441    State agency land purchasesH Environment1/31/2017Haler  
1451HB 1451    Language access/studentsH Approps2/13/2017Orwall  
1452HB 1452SB 5361SB 5361Opportunity scholarship prog Del to Gov3/8/2018Holy  
1479HB 1479    State IT systems encryptionH Approps2/13/2017Hudgins  
1488E3SHB 1488    Higher ed opportunities Del to Gov3/6/2018Hansen  
1499HB 1499    Student loan disbursementDel to Gov3/6/2018Pollet  
1501SHB 1501    Attempts to obtain firearmsC 261 L 175/10/2017Hansen  
15123SHB 1512    College bound schlrshp elig H Rules 3C3/8/2018Bergquist  
1521SHB 1521SB 5296SB 5296Six months/vacation leaveC 167 L 175/4/2017Dolan  
1529HB 1529SB 5073SB 5073Use of deadly forceH Public Safety1/23/2017Ryu  
15402SHB 1540SB 5046SB 5046Language of public noticesH Public Safety1/8/2018Santos  
1552HB 1552    Food supply, in-stateH Tech & Econ De1/23/2017Tarleton  
1555HB 1555SB 5127SB 5127Carbon pollution taxH Finance1/23/2017Lytton  
1559SHB 1559    Uniformed personnel arbitrat H Rules 3C3/8/2018Goodman  
1560SHB 1560    Retirement system defaults H Rules 3C3/8/2018Stanford  
1561E2SHB 1561    Open educational resources Del to Gov3/8/2018Frame  
15623SHB 1562    WA food policy forum H Rules 3C3/8/2018Gregerson  
1569HB 1569    EBT cards/higher ed studentsH Erly Lrn/H Svc1/23/2017Macri  
1587HB 1587    Rule-making/public info.H State Govt, Ele1/24/2017Shea  
1595EHB 1595    Public records request costsC 304 L 175/16/2017Nealey  
1607HB 1607SB 5551SB 5551Public emp. union electionsH Labor & Workpla1/25/2017Pike  
1636HB 1636    Long-term services & supportH HC/Wellness1/25/2017Jinkins  
1646HB 1646SB 5509SB 5509Carbon taxH Environment1/25/2017Fitzgibbon  
1651SHB 1651    Retention and graduationH Approps2/2/2018Pollet  
1658HB 1658SB 5616SB 5616Adminstrative rules & policyH State Govt, Ele1/26/2017Manweller  
1694SHB 1694    Public school constructionH Approps2/15/2017MacEwen  
1697HB 1697    Cybersecurity & IT shortageH Hi Ed1/26/2017Hudgins  
1708HB 1708SB 5276SB 5276Retirement system opt-outH Approps1/26/2017Chandler  
1713E2SHB 1713SB 5763SB 5763Children's mental healthC 202 L 175/5/2017Senn  
1717SHB 1717    Biometric identifiersC 306 L 175/16/2017Smith  
1737HB 1737SB 5525SB 5525Higher ed./veteran healthH Approps1/27/2017Volz  
1741SHB 1741SB 5526SB 5526Educator prep. data/PESBC 172 L 175/4/2017Slatter  
1768HB 1768    Open ed. resources pilot prgH Approps1/27/2017Stambaugh  
1769HB 1769    Deadly force task force recsH Public Safety1/27/2017Goodman  
1787SHB 1787SB 5572SB 5572IT procurement oversightH Rules 3C4/23/2017Hudgins  
1802E2SHB 1802    Veterans/shared leave accessC 173 L 175/4/2017Reeves  
1817HB 1817SB 5066SB 5066Zero-based budget reviewsH Approps1/30/2017Stokesbary  
1826HB 1826    Recycled carbon fiberH Environment1/31/2017Fitzgibbon  
1828EHB 1828SB 5089SB 5089State facilities use H Rules 3C3/8/2018Irwin  
1830HB 1830    Cybersecurity student loansH Hi Ed1/31/2017Hudgins  
1840SHB 1840SB 5666SB 5666Washington promise programH Approps2/17/2017Pollet  
1841HB 1841SB 5476SB 5476State need grant eligibilityH Hi Ed1/31/2017Pollet  
1847HB 1847    Higher ed. affordabilityH Approps2/1/2017Haler  
1848HB 1848    Elk hoof diseaseH Ag & Nat Res2/1/2017Koster  
1851E2SHB 1851    Government contracting H Rules 3C3/8/2018Dolan  
1861HB 1861SB 5631SB 5631UW altern. contract-awardingH Hi Ed1/8/2018Pollet  
1864HB 1864SB 5768SB 5768Leasehold excise tax creditH Finance2/1/2017Springer  
1871HB 1871    Electrical & plumbing/stateH Labor & Workpla2/1/2017Sells  
1887HB 1887    Pub. empl. survivors/tuitionH Hi Ed2/2/2017Dolan  
1894SHB 1894SB 5630SB 5630High-technology research taxH Finance3/14/2017Sullivan  
1897SHB 1897    Public works and procurementH Approps1/31/2018Gregerson  
1910HB 1910    Higher ed. economic impactH Tech & Econ De2/2/2017Tarleton  
1913EHB 1913SB 5677SB 5677Schools/leasehold excise taxH Finance1/8/2018Dolan  
1926HB 1926    Capital gains excise taxH Finance2/2/2017Pollet  
1927SHB 1927SB 5292SB 5292OFM/obsolete & inactive lawsH Rules R1/26/2018Hudgins  
19292SHB 1929    IT system security testingH Rules 3C4/23/2017Hudgins  
1948HB 1948    OPMA/subgroupsH State Govt, Ele2/3/2017Harmsworth  
1951HB 1951SB 5545SB 5545Public emp. bargaining/OPMAH Labor & Workpla2/3/2017Manweller  
1955HB 1955    GET program payout valuesH Hi Ed2/6/2017Bergquist  
1956HB 1956SB 5308SB 5308Religious affiliation discl.H Judiciary2/6/2017Stanford  
1979HB 1979    Industrial hemp researchH Approps2/6/2017Ryu  
1985HB 1985SB 5689SB 5689Immigrants in the workplaceH Judiciary2/6/2017Ortiz-Self  
1989HB 1989    OPMA/advisory boardsH State Govt, Ele2/6/2017Pollet  
2007HB 2007    Women's suffrage centennial H Rules 3C3/8/2018Kagi  
2009E2SHB 2009    Gold star families/higher ed Del to Gov3/8/2018Reeves  
20252SHB 2025    Offender programs comp. planH Approps1/23/2018Goodman  
20292SHB 2029SB 5801SB 5801Immigration resourcesH Rules R1/22/2018Ortiz-Self  
2030HB 2030SB 5803SB 5803Discrimination/immigrationH Judiciary2/8/2017Ortiz-Self  
2034HB 2034SB 5028SB 5028Native American curriculumH Approps1/29/2018Lovick  
2037SHB 2037    Higher ed. disability wk grpC 175 L 175/4/2017Frame  
2059HB 2059SB 5464SB 5464Washington investment trustH Bus & Fin Svcs2/9/2017Frame  
2064HB 2064    Industrial hemp/UCSAC 153 L 174/27/2017Shea  
2073EHB 2073    Beef commissionC 256 L 175/8/2017Dent  
2086HB 2086    Cybersecurity coordinationH State Govt, Ele2/13/2017Hudgins  
2097EHB 2097SB 5828SB 5828Religious affiliation discl. Del to Gov3/8/2018Stanford  
2100HB 2100    Project permits/vested rightH Environment2/14/2017Goodman  
2108HB 2108    Aerial imagery needs studyH State Govt, Ele2/15/2017Morris  
21142ESHB 2114    Out-of-network health srvs H Rules 3C3/8/2018Cody  
2120HB 2120    Unlawful detentionH Public Safety2/16/2017Shea  
2124HB 2124    Marijuana/impeding revenueH Finance2/17/2017Sawyer  
2127HB 2127    Medical school loan programH Hi Ed2/17/2017Haler  
2137HB 2137    Veterans' scoring criteriaH Rules C2/19/2018Kraft  
2140HB 2140    Water pollution permittingH Environment3/7/2017Buys  
2143E2SHB 2143    Higher ed. financial aid Del to Gov3/8/2018Haler  
2144HB 2144    Taxation of vapor productsH Finance3/9/2017Pollet  
2172HB 2172    IT system security testingH State Govt, Ele3/22/2017Hudgins  
2178HB 2178    Sanctuary from state lawsH Local Govt3/22/2017Buys  
2249HB 2249    Social sec. number privacyH Tech & Econ D7/20/2017Smith  
2252HB 2252    IB exam credit policiesH Hi Ed1/8/2018Dolan  
2270HB 2270    State fiscal year datesH Approps1/8/2018MacEwen  
2275HB 2275    Youth internship opportunityH Labor & Workpl1/8/2018Eslick  
2278SHB 2278    Privacy protections in gov. H 2nd Reading3/8/2018Morris  
2281SHB 2281    Renewable energy incentivesH Rules R2/7/2018Morris  
2299ESHB 2299SB 6032SB 6032Supp. operating budgetH 3rd Reading2/23/2018Ormsby  
2301HB 2301    Marijuana account/legal srvsH Commerce & Gam1/8/2018Walsh  
2304HB 2304SB 6506SB 6506Diversity in clinical trialsH HC/Wellness1/8/2018Lovick  
2324HB 2324    Higher ed expression reportsH Hi Ed1/8/2018Van Werven  
23382SHB 2338    Greenhouse gas/transp. fuelsH Rules R2/7/2018Fitzgibbon  
23823SHB 2382    Surplus public property Del to Gov3/8/2018Ryu  
2386SHB 2386    College bound/room & boardH Rules R2/7/2018Hudgins  
23902SHB 2390SB 6469SB 6469Opioid medications/schools H Rules 3C3/8/2018Pollet  
2394HB 2394SB 6094SB 6094State gen. obligation bondsH Cap Budget1/8/2018Tharinger  
2395SHB 2395SB 6095SB 6095Capital budget 2017-2019H Rules R2/26/2018Tharinger  
2396E2SHB 2396    Child care H Rules 3C3/8/2018Reeves  
2407HB 2407    Public works/material sourceH Cap Budget1/8/2018Maycumber  
2412SHB 2412    Procurement/buy cleanH Rules R2/6/2018Doglio  
2443HB 2443SB 6093SB 6093Family med. res. network/WSUDel to Gov3/6/2018Riccelli  
2452HB 2452SB 6305SB 6305  H Approps1/9/2018Dolan  
2455HB 2455SB 5991SB 5991Campaign finance disclosuresH State Govt, El1/9/2018Pellicciotti  
2464HB 2464    Veteran tuition waiversH Approps1/19/2018Reeves  
2467HB 2467      H Bus & Fin Svcs1/9/2018Kirby  
24862SHB 2486    Uniform unclaimed propertyH Rules C2/19/2018Graves  
2488HB 2488SB 6306SB 6306Puget Sound taxpayer accountH Approps1/10/2018Sullivan  
2504HB 2504    Op. scholarship prg. fundingH Approps1/10/2018Hansen  
2510SHB 2510    Electrical net meteringH Rules C2/19/2018Morris  
2513HB 2513SB 6514SB 6514Higher ed. behavioral healthH Approps1/19/2018Orwall  
2520HB 2520    State need grant renewalH Hi Ed1/10/2018Pike  
2525HB 2525    GMA plan & reg. consistencyH Environment1/10/2018Pike  
2580ESHB 2580SB 6449SB 6449Renewable natural gas Del to Gov3/8/2018Morris  
2584HB 2584    GMA gov. action assistanceH Environment1/10/2018Maycumber  
2598HB 2598    Rural MD student loan repay.H Hi Ed1/10/2018Riccelli  
2611HB 2611    Peer support grp counselors Del to Gov3/8/2018Barkis  
2624HB 2624ESB 6229ESB 6229Bargaining rep. accessH Rules C2/19/2018Chapman  
2637HB 2637    Campus-affiliated advocatesH Judiciary1/11/2018Holy  
2646HB 2646    Significant transp. projectsH Rules C2/19/2018Wylie  
2648HB 2648    Sexual assaultH Public Safety1/11/2018Orwall  
2656SHB 2656SB 6398SB 6398College prep. programsH Approps2/2/2018Orwall  
2669HB 2669SB 6184SB 6184Civil service/part-time empl Del to Gov3/8/2018Doglio  
26712SHB 2671    Ag industry behavioral hlth Del to Gov3/8/2018Wilcox  
2685SHB 2685    High sch. preapprenticeships Del to Gov3/8/2018Ortiz-Self  
2686SHB 2686    High school and beyond plans Del to Gov3/8/2018Ortiz-Self  
2703SHB 2703SB 6339SB 6339Ed. employee comp. claims Del to Gov3/8/2018Sells  
2720HB 2720    Student loansH Hi Ed1/12/2018Orwall  
2725HB 2725SB 6368SB 6368Fairs, youth shows, & expos H Rules 3C3/8/2018Blake  
2726HB 2726    Public-private partnershipsH Cap Budget1/15/2018Buys  
2730SHB 2730    Worker ed. attainmentH Approps2/6/2018Jinkins  
2778SHB 2778    Sexual harassment claim info H Rules 3C3/8/2018Jinkins  
2793SHB 2793SB 6413SB 6413Firefighting/toxic chemicalsH Rules C2/19/2018Peterson  
2814SHB 2814    Retail electric bill afford.H Rules C2/19/2018Smith  
2819HB 2819    PERS eligible positionsH Approps1/17/2018Eslick  
2823HB 2823    Gift equity packagingH Hi Ed1/17/2018Steele  
2826HB 2826SB 6472SB 6472Indian health careH HC/Wellness1/18/2018Tharinger  
2833SHB 2833SB 6459SB 6459Life sciences discovery fund H Rules 3C3/8/2018Morris  
2854HB 2854    Homeless college studentsH Approps2/2/2018Sells  
2860HB 2860    Children ed. savings accountH Hi Ed1/18/2018Kilduff  
2866HB 2866    Education/Title IXH Hi Ed1/18/2018Pellicciotti  
2868HB 2868SB 6209SB 6209High school successH Education1/18/2018Pettigrew  
2869HB 2869    PEBB employer max. shareH Approps1/18/2018Chandler  
2878HB 2878SB 6322SB 6322Pesticide exposureH HC/Wellness1/19/2018Ortiz-Self  
2879HB 2879    Clean air actH Environment1/19/2018Fitzgibbon  
2921SHB 2921SB 6488SB 6488Internet ticket salesH Approps2/2/2018Kloba  
2936HB 2936    Tax rates and regressivityH State Govt, El1/26/2018Pollet  
2941HB 2941    Licensing agreements/ethicsH State Govt, El1/26/2018Stambaugh  
2953HB 2953SB 6531SB 6531School constructionH Cap Budget1/29/2018Pollet  
2970SHB 2970    Autonomous vehicle work grp Del to Gov3/8/2018Hudgins  
4014HJM 4014    Biochar H Rules 3C3/8/2018Shea  
5000SB 5000HB 1000HB 1000Law enforcement deadly forceS Law & Justice1/9/2017McCoy  
5017SB 5017    Student loan informationS Higher Ed & Wor1/8/2018Bailey  
5022SSB 5022HB 1057HB 1057Education loan informationC 154 L 174/27/2017Bailey  
5027SB 5027    Distributed generationS Energy, Environ1/8/2018McCoy  
5028SB 5028HB 2034HB 2034Native American curriculumDel to Gov3/6/2018McCoy  
5046SSB 5046HB 1540HB 1540Language of public noticesC 312 L 175/16/2017Hasegawa  
5047SB 5047HB 1068HB 1068Operating sup budget 2017S Ways & Means1/11/2017Braun  
5048ESSB 5048HB 1067HB 1067Operating budget 2017-2019S Rules X1/8/2018Braun  
5058SB 5058    Nongovernment parties/claimsS Law & Justice1/11/2017Dansel  
5064SSB 5064    Student freedom of express. Del to Gov3/9/2018Fain  
50652SSB 5065    Government performanceS Rules X1/8/2018Miloscia  
5066SB 5066HB 1817HB 1817Zero-based budget reviewsS Rules X1/8/2018Miloscia  
5070SB 5070HB 1115HB 1115ParaeducatorsS Rules X1/8/2018Rivers  
5071SB 5071    Family med. residency/CubaS Health & Long T1/8/2018Keiser  
5072SB 5072    Graduate medical educationS Health & Long T1/8/2018Keiser  
5073SSB 5073HB 1529HB 1529Use of deadly forceS Ways & Means2/17/2017Frockt  
5074SSB 5074    College bound scholarship S Rules 33/8/2018Frockt  
5086ESSB 5086HB 1075HB 1075Capital budget 2017-2019S Rules X1/8/2018Honeyford  
5087SB 5087HB 1325HB 1325Capital projects/higher ed.S Rules X2/22/2018Honeyford  
5089SB 5089EHB 1828EHB 1828State facilities useS Rules X3/17/2017Honeyford  
5090SSB 5090HB 1080HB 1080State gen. obligation bondsS Rules X2/22/2018Honeyford  
5100SSB 5100    Financial literacy seminarsC 177 L 175/4/2017Bailey  
5109SB 5109    Athletic department budgetsS Labor & Commerc1/8/2018Baumgartner  
5127SB 5127HB 1555HB 1555Carbon pollution taxS Rules X2/22/2018Braun  
5149SB 5149    Paid family leaveS Labor & Commerc1/8/2018Fain  
5168SB 5168    Project labor agreementsS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018Ericksen  
5173ESSB 5173HB 1323HB 1323Loss prevention reviewsC 318 L 175/16/2017Chase  
5207SSB 5207HB 1317HB 1317GPS data disclosureC 38 L 174/17/2017Kuderer  
5210SB 5210HB 1440HB 1440Student loan bill of rightsS Higher Ed & Wor1/8/2018Liias  
5211SSB 5211    Adjudicative proceedingsS Ways & Means2/9/2017Wilson  
5218SB 5218    Arrest warrant/agency prop.S Rules X3/17/2017Zeiger  
5221SB 5221HB 1337HB 1337Medical licensure compactS Rules X3/21/2017Fain  
5234ESB 5234HB 1333HB 1333AP exam creditC 179 L 175/4/2017Mullet  
5263ESSB 5263    Seeds, agency procurement ofS Ag/Water/Natura1/8/2018Warnick  
5276SSB 5276HB 1708HB 1708Retirement system opt-outS Rules X3/21/2017Bailey  
52852SSB 5285HB 1404HB 1404Workforce study/ag., etc.C 182 L 175/4/2017Wilson  
5292SB 5292EHB 1927EHB 1927OFM/obsolete & inactive lawsS State Govt/Tri1/8/2018Ranker  
5295SSB 5295HB 1434HB 1434Shared leave/pregnancyS Rules X2/22/2018Braun  
5296SSB 5296HB 1521HB 1521Six months/vacation leaveS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018Braun  
5308SB 5308HB 1956HB 1956Religious affiliation discl.S Law & Justice1/19/2017Palumbo  
5312ESSB 5312    Criminal record/employmentS Rules X1/8/2018Baumgartner  
5344SB 5344    Equal pay act enforcementS Labor & Commerc1/8/2018Fain  
5350SSB 5350    Adjud. proceeding deadlinesS Law & Justice1/8/2018Fortunato  
5361SB 5361HB 1452HB 1452Opportunity scholarship progS Ways & Means2/3/2017Bailey  
5374SSB 5374    St. employee whistleblowersC 44 L 174/17/2017Becker  
5379SB 5379    Cross-laminated timberS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018McCoy  
5413SB 5413HB 1356HB 1356Physician limited licensesC 45 L 174/17/2017Cleveland  
5418SSB 5418HB 1160HB 1160Sunshine committeeS Rules X2/22/2018Chase  
5464SB 5464HB 2059HB 2059Washington investment trustS Fin Inst/Ins1/25/2017Hasegawa  
54742SSB 5474    Elk hoof diseaseC 159 L 174/27/2017Pearson  
5476SB 5476HB 1841HB 1841State need grant eligibilityS Higher Ed & Wor1/8/2018Frockt  
5479SB 5479    Shared parental leaveS Rules X3/17/2017Saldaña  
5499SB 5499HB 1048HB 1048Renewable energy promotionS Energy, Environ1/8/2018Palumbo  
5509SB 5509HB 1646HB 1646Carbon taxS Energy, Environ1/8/2018Carlyle  
5525SB 5525HB 1737HB 1737Higher ed./veteran health S Rules 33/8/2018Wilson  
5526SB 5526HB 1741HB 1741Educator prep. data/PESBS EL/K-121/27/2017Zeiger  
5545SSB 5545HB 1951HB 1951Public emp. bargaining/OPMAS Rules X3/21/2017Wilson  
5550SB 5550    Contracting for servicesS Rules X3/21/2017Rossi  
5551SB 5551HB 1607HB 1607Public emp. union electionsS Rules X3/21/2017Rossi  
5568SB 5568    Tuition freezeS Higher Ed & Wo1/8/2018Liias  
5572SSB 5572HB 1787HB 1787IT procurement oversightS Ways & Means2/17/2017Hunt  
5584SB 5584    College & univ. presidentsS Rules X3/21/2017Baumgartner  
5585SB 5585    Future teachers c. scholrshpS Ways & Means1/30/2017Ranker  
5592SSB 5592HB 1433HB 1433Tuition/activities feesS Rules X2/22/2018Palumbo  
5616SSB 5616HB 1658HB 1658Adminstrative rules & policyS Ways & Means2/17/2017Fortunato  
5622SB 5622    Career readiness educationS EL/K-122/1/2017Rolfes  
5630SB 5630HB 1894HB 1894High-technology research taxS Ways & Means2/1/2017Braun  
5631SB 5631HB 1861HB 1861UW altern. contract-awardingC 124 L 174/25/2017Becker  
5666SB 5666HB 1840HB 1840Washington promise programS Higher Ed & Wor1/8/2018Frockt  
5667SSB 5667    Off-duty employee conductS Rules X2/22/2018Kuderer  
5677SB 5677EHB 1913EHB 1913Schools/leasehold excise taxS Ways & Means2/10/2017Zeiger  
5684SSB 5684    Higher ed. infrastructureS Rules X2/22/2018Palumbo  
56892SSB 5689HB 1985HB 1985Immigrants in the workplaceS Rules X2/22/2018Wellman  
5692SB 5692    Mandatory union duesS Labor & Commerc1/8/2018Baumgartner  
5710SB 5710    Public records act penaltiesS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018Kuderer  
5712SSB 5712    Bilingual ed. workforceS Rules X1/8/2018Zeiger  
5724SB 5724    Federal orders, assistanceS Law & Justice2/6/2017Hasegawa  
5732SB 5732    Industrial hemp researchS Ways & Means2/17/2017Hasegawa  
5734SB 5734    State contracting & bondingC 75 L 174/20/2017Chase  
5742SB 5742    Wrking connect. child careS Ways & Means2/17/2017Palumbo  
5747SB 5747    Health care financingS Health & Long T1/8/2018Hasegawa  
57492SSB 5749    Children's mental healthS Rules X1/8/2018Darneille  
5754SB 5754    Noxious weeds on state landsS Rules X2/22/2018Short  
5760SB 5760    Reproductive health careS Labor & Commerc1/8/2018Ranker  
5763SSB 5763HB 1713HB 1713Children's mental healthS Ways & Means2/17/2017Warnick  
5764SSB 5764    Higher education recordsC 72 L 174/19/2017Wellman  
5768SSB 5768HB 1864HB 1864Leasehold excise tax creditS Rules X1/8/2018Rossi  
5778SB 5778    Resident student definitionC 191 L 175/4/2017Wilson  
57802SSB 5780    Women's suffrage centennialS Rules X2/22/2018Darneille  
5784SB 5784    Materials of volunteers/PRAS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018Kuderer  
5787SB 5787    Elec. health record systemsS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018Miloscia  
5798SB 5798    Rules, yearly expirationS Rules X1/8/2018Braun  
5801SB 5801HB 2029HB 2029Immigration resourcesS Law & Justice2/10/2017Saldaña  
5803SB 5803HB 2030HB 2030Discrimination/immigrationS Law & Justice2/10/2017Saldaña  
5812SB 5812    Wheelchair-access./for hiresS Transportation2/14/2017Liias  
5820SB 5820    Higher ed. financial aidS Rules X3/21/2017Wilson  
5821SB 5821    Tax preferences repealS Higher Ed & Wor1/8/2018Chase  
5822SB 5822    Workers' compensation systemS Rules X1/8/2018Baumgartner  
5824SB 5824    Aerial imagery needs studyS Ag/Water/Natura1/8/2018McCoy  
5826SB 5826    Veteran tuition waiversC 127 L 174/25/2017Hobbs  
5828SB 5828EHB 2097EHB 2097Religious affiliation discl.S Law & Justice2/16/2017Palumbo  
5829SB 5829    Paid family leaveS Ways & Means2/17/2017Fain  
5831SSB 5831    Concurrently involved girlsS Ways & Means1/11/2018Darneille  
5832SB 5832HB 1362HB 1362Academic bill of rightsS Ways & Means2/17/2017Wilson  
5836SB 5836    Equal pay act enforcementS Rules X1/8/2018Fain  
5839SB 5839    Rx drug warehousing firmsS Health & Long T1/11/2018Carlyle  
5849SB 5849    Veterans' servicesC 192 L 175/4/2017Angel  
5861SB 5861    State travel/travel awardsS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018Ericksen  
5865SB 5865    Contributions to candidatesS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018Fain  
58912ESB 5891HB 1012HB 1012H.S. graduation/science testS Rules X1/8/2018Zeiger  
5902SB 5902    STEM enrollmentsS Rules X1/8/2018Braun  
5917ESB 5917    IB exam credit policy Del to Gov3/9/2018Mullet  
5930SB 5930    Carbon pollution taxS Ways & Means4/23/2017Palumbo  
5931SB 5931    Public agencies/vehicle fuelS State Govt/Trib1/8/2018Palumbo  
5990ESSB 5990    Volnteer health practitionerDel to Gov3/6/2018Van De Wege  
5991SSB 5991HB 2455HB 2455Campaign finance disclosures Del to Gov3/9/2018Billig  
5999SB 5999    Bond proceeds/employeesS Ways & Means1/8/2018Honeyford  
6006SSB 6006    Governor's emergency powersS Rules X2/22/2018Zeiger  
6029E2SSB 6029    Student loan bill of rightsDel to Gov3/6/2018Liias  
6032ESSB 6032HB 2299HB 2299Supp. operating budget Del to Gov3/9/2018Rolfes  
6056SSB 6056    First informer broadcastersS Rules X2/22/2018Hunt  
6064SSB 6064    Capital budget/public artS Ways & Means2/1/2018Wellman  
6079SB 6079    Public employee birth dates S Rules 33/8/2018Kuderer  
6083SB 6083    Health, safety, and environ.S Ways & Means2/2/2018Cleveland  
6087ESB 6087    College savings programs Del to Gov3/9/2018Mullet  
6093SB 6093HB 2443HB 2443Family med. res. network/WSU S Rules 33/8/2018Cleveland  
6094SB 6094HB 2394HB 2394State gen. obligation bondsS Ways & Means1/8/2018Frockt  
6095ESSB 6095HB 2395HB 2395Capital budget 2017-2019 Del to Gov3/9/2018Frockt  
6096SB 6096    Carbon pollution taxS Energy, Enviro1/8/2018Ranker  
6097SSB 6097    Outdoor recreation task forcS Rules X2/22/2018Ranker  
6098SB 6098    Light duty vehicle emissionsS Energy, Enviro1/8/2018Ranker  
6100SB 6100    Working conn. childcareS EL/K-121/8/2018Ranker  
61012SSB 6101    Scholarship programS Rules X2/22/2018Ranker  
6104SB 6104    Scientific informationS Energy, Enviro1/8/2018Ranker  
6110SSB 6110    Job applicants/arrests, etc.S Rules X2/22/2018Saldaña  
6123SB 6123    Bond proceeds/employeesS Ways & Means1/8/2018Honeyford  
6131SB 6131    Indian tribe tuition waiverS Higher Ed & Wo1/9/2018McCoy  
6139SB 6139    Public records/leg. & courtsS State Govt/Tri1/9/2018Miloscia  
6145SB 6145    Civil service qualifications C 32 L 183/9/2018Saldaña  
6184SB 6184HB 2669HB 2669Civil service/part-time emplS Rules X2/22/2018Wellman  
6185SB 6185    Postretirement teaching exp.S Ways & Means1/10/2018Wellman  
6195SSB 6195    Significant transp. projects S Rules 33/8/2018Cleveland  
62032SSB 6203    Carbon pollutionS Rules X3/2/2018Carlyle  
6209SB 6209HB 2868HB 2868High school successS EL/K-121/10/2018Mullet  
6211ESB 6211    Federal lands revolving acct Del to Gov3/9/2018Hawkins  
6229ESB 6229HB 2624HB 2624Bargaining rep. accessDel to Gov3/6/2018Van De Wege  
62452SSB 6245    Spoken language interpreters Del to Gov3/9/2018Saldaña  
6260SB 6260    Running start costsS EL/K-121/11/2018Ranker  
6261SSB 6261    State need grant eligibilityS Ways & Means1/31/2018Ranker  
62622SSB 6262    Homeless college studentsS Rules X2/22/2018Ranker  
6263SB 6263    Passport to college promiseS Higher Ed & Wo1/11/2018Ranker  
6264SB 6264    Higher ed. contracts/ESD S Rules 33/8/2018Ranker  
6305SB 6305HB 2452HB 2452Public retiree benefitsS Ways & Means1/11/2018Hunt  
6306SB 6306HB 2488HB 2488Puget Sound taxpayer accountS Transportation1/11/2018Frockt  
6313SSB 6313    Sexual harassment complaints Del to Gov3/9/2018Keiser  
6318SSB 6318    Intrastate food safety Del to Gov3/9/2018Takko  
6322SB 6322HB 2878HB 2878Pesticide exposureS Energy, Enviro1/12/2018Saldaña  
6332SSB 6332    Productivity boardS Ways & Means1/25/2018Fortunato  
6335SB 6335    Carbon pollution taxS Energy, Enviro1/12/2018Hobbs  
6341SB 6341    Government performanceS State Govt/Tri1/12/2018Miloscia  
6342SB 6342    Zero-based budget reviewsS Ways & Means1/12/2018Miloscia  
6368SB 6368HB 2725HB 2725Fairs, youth shows, & expos Del to Gov3/9/2018Warnick  
6398SB 6398HB 2656HB 2656College prep. programsS Higher Ed & Wo1/15/2018Palumbo  
6413ESSB 6413HB 2793HB 2793Firefighting/toxic chemicals Del to Gov3/9/2018Van De Wege  
6435SB 6435    Healthy workplacesS Labor & Commer1/17/2018Cleveland  
6446SB 6446    Internet transparencyS Energy, Enviro1/17/2018Carlyle  
6449SSB 6449HB 2580HB 2580Renewable natural gasS Ways & Means2/2/2018Warnick  
6459SB 6459HB 2833HB 2833Life sciences discovery fundS Health & Long T1/18/2018Frockt  
6469SB 6469HB 2390HB 2390Opioid medications/schoolsS Health & Long1/18/2018Palumbo  
6472SB 6472HB 2826HB 2826Indian health careS Health & Long1/18/2018McCoy  
6488SSB 6488HB 2921HB 2921Internet ticket salesS Ways & Means2/2/2018Carlyle  
6493SSB 6493    Intercollegiate athletics Del to Gov3/9/2018Billig  
6506SB 6506HB 2304HB 2304Diversity in clinical trialsS Health & Long1/22/2018Rivers  
6514SSB 6514HB 2513HB 2513Higher ed. behavioral health Del to Gov3/9/2018Brown  
6531SSB 6531HB 2953HB 2953School construction S Rules 33/8/2018Pedersen  
6535SB 6535    Mandatory reporting of abuseS Human Svcs/Corr1/23/2018Miloscia  
65392SSB 6539    State trust land managementS Rules X2/22/2018Braun  
6541SB 6541    Rules, yearly expirationS State Govt/Tri1/23/2018Braun  
6546SB 6546    Alternative public worksS State Govt/Trib1/24/2018Hasegawa  
6552SB 6552    Marijuana revenue/local gov.S Ways & Means1/24/2018Warnick  
6553SB 6553    Early literacyS EL/K-121/24/2018Rivers  
6560SSB 6560    Youth discharge/homelessness Del to Gov3/9/2018Darneille  
6563SB 6563    Aviation biofuels work group S Rules 33/8/2018Billig  
6578SB 6578    Part-time facultyS Higher Ed & Wor1/29/2018Ranker  
6582SB 6582    Higher ed./criminal history Del to Gov3/9/2018Chase  
6590SB 6590    State & local taxationS Ways & Means2/1/2018Fain  
6592SB 6592    State government T.O.S Ways & Means2/2/2018Nelson  
6593SSB 6593    Higher education T.O.S Rules 22/26/2018Ranker  
6621SB 6621    Live animals/med. trainingS Health & Long T2/27/2018Palumbo  
6624SB 6624    Adoption of research animalsS Higher Ed & Wor2/27/2018Palumbo  
9036SGA 9036    SCOTT E. CARSON S Rules3/9/2018    
9052SGA 9052    DON BARBIERI S Rules3/9/2018    
9277SGA 9277    ALYSSA I. NORRIS S Rules3/9/2018    
9323SGA 9323    HEATHER B. REDMAN S Rules3/9/2018    

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1116; 1222; 1702; 2128; 2418; 2664; 5032; 5544; 5679; 5915; 6426