The current Continuing Resolution will keep the Federal Government running until April 8th.  There were several WSU congressionally directed projects included in either the House or Senate appropriations bills the following items have been removed during the Continuing Resolution process and will not be funded in the FY2011 appropriations.  In addition to reducing “earmarks” Congress is also looking at reducing or eliminating funding to authorized programs.  Potential programs they may reduce funding to are Hatch Act, Smith-Lever 3b-c and McIntire-Stennis accounts.

Agriculture formula funding – at present the formal funding has not been eliminated but there is an effort to roll back the funds to FY2008 numbers rather than maintain FY2010 funding levels.

NIFA Program FY 2008 FY 2010 Est. Impact
Hatch Act (Research) 3,674,822 3,872,378 -197,556
Smith-Lever 3b-c (Extension) 4,076,293 4,399,342 -323,049
McIntire-Stennis (Forestry) 342,311 398,129 -55,818
Subtotal $8,093,426 $8,669,849 -$576,423

Agriculture Appropriations – traditionally WSU receives approximately a combined $3.5 million for these projects which is spent on research staff and graduate students to address research topics not traditionally fundable through NIFA competitive grant programs.  In addition to items listed below WSU also receive funds from the Viticulture Consortium (West), through UC Davis and funds to the Composite Materials and Engineering Center through the University of Idaho.

Aegilops Cylindrica (Jointed Goatgrass/Biomass)

Aquaculture Research

Barley Gene Mapping

Cool Season Food Legumes

Food Security

Grass Seed Cropping Systems for Sustainable Agriculture


Organic Cropping

Potato Research

Small Fruit Research


Virus-free Wine Grape Cultivars, Wine Grape Foundation Block

USDA Agriculture Research Service funding reductions/elimination in the agriculture appropriations bill:

2012 funding for ARS Laboratory at Pullman, WA

Energy and Water Appropriations

Algae Biofuels Research

As we learn more about specific budget and appropriations to or from federal programs we will post the information.  If you have questions or have heard information from program managers that you are working with please pass the information on to the Government Affairs team or directly to me, Kristi Growdon, Director of Federal Relations, or call 206-349-2772.