State update for Thursday April 7, 2011

The House Ways and Means Committee last night approved a handful of amendments before moving the House operating budget proposal to the floor.

Most notably for WSU was an amendment that would limit how much money the university would have to hold in reserve as a sort of performance incentive fund.  Originally, the proposal called for $4 million to be held back each year.

To get the money the university would have to demonstrate certain performance improvements to be determined later.  Because it’s money the university wouldn’t be certain to receive, it’s money that is difficult to budget for.

An amendment approved last night would limit that holdback to just the first year of the two-year budget cycle set to begin July 1.

While the House budget now awaits a floor vote, leaders in the Senate are expected to roll out their proposal in the next week or so.

You can read more about the House budget and other budget proposals on the WSU budget page.

UPDATE: WSU President Elson Floyd comments here on the House budget proposal in a new Perspectives column.