The Legislature adjourned its 2018 session Thursday night, bringing to close a 60-day supplemental session that saw Washington State University’s legislative agenda approved in full.

The House and Senate on Thursday approved a budget agreement that fully funds WSU’s $1.272 million request to correct an oversight and fund last year’s legislation to expand and transfer the state’s solar energy incentive program to the WSU Energy Program. It also fully funds WSU’s $500,000 request to support the JCDREAM advanced materials research collaborative.

Also on the governor’s desk is House Bill 2443, a WSU-backed bill to add the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine to the Family Medicine Residency Network.

And earlier this session the Legislature approved a capital budget that included construction funding for two agriculture buildings in Pullman, design of a new academic building in the Tri-Cities and predesign of a new Life Sciences Building in Vancouver.

In addition, advances were made on other WSU supported priorities to provide State Need Grants to an additional 4,600 students statewide, reestablish the WSU-led Sustainable Aviation Biofuels Workgroup and establish a loan program for medical students who commit to serve in rural areas.

There were other wins to promote Open Educational Resources and access to the College Bound Scholarship for undocumented students as well.

All but the capital budget still need to be signed by the governor.