Members from the Washington State Legislature travelled out to the WSU Tri-Cities campus today to attend a lunch forum with the first 15 medical students assigned to the university’s medical school hub in the Tri-Cities. Students thanked legislators for their support of the medical school and discussed their individual experiences so far.

“WSU is a family,” said one student, “Once you’re a part of it, there’s nothing you can compare it to.”

The class is beginning their third intercession week of the academic year today, in which
they will be spending the entire week training and learning in their assigned region where they will be spending their third and fourth years of medical school.

“I think one of the things that was surprising was how much community support there is,” said one student.

“Look where I’m living,” another remarked, referring to the college’s Homestay Program. “I’m at somebody’s house who is a practicing physician. I’m having dinner with their kids.”

Several students also said they were struck by how well faculty and staff at the college listen.

“I just felt so heard when I was at my interview,” said one student. Another noted, “it’s so cool be a part of the first class. You get a say. They really listen to our feedback.”

For those students who were undergraduates at WSU before entering the medical school, they say they still feel that “same WSU magic.” As one student put it, “I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”