Capital budget writers in the state House of Representatives today unveiled a proposal that fully funds WSU’s two construction priorities — the $36.4 million to complete the Global Animal Health II project in Pullman and $27 million to construct a new academic building at WSU Tri-Cities.

Partial funding was provided by the Legislature last year to begin construction on Global Animal Health II, which will be the new home for the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab. Securing funds to complete the project is WSU’s top capital budget priority.

The WSU Tri-Cities project is needed to help the campus accommodate enrollment growth.

The proposal also included funding for the following.

  • $500,000 in pre-design for the proposed Biomedical and Health Sciences II project at WSU Spokane
  • $10 million to help secure a land purchase in Everett to help WSU Everett plan for future growth
  • $21.4 million for minor capital preservation
  • $9.3 million for minor capital program

Notably missing was WSU’s $4 million request to design a new Life Sciences Building in Vancouver and its $4.9 million request for STEM lab renovations in Pullman.

The Senate will unveil its own version in the days to come before the Legislature negotiates a compromise to send to the governor’s office later this spring.