The transportation budget approved by the Legislature over the weekend and sent to the governor’s desk advances the schedule for previously funded safety improvements on State Route 26 between Dusty and Colfax.

With safety for WSU students and others traveling across the state to and from the Pullman campus in mind, the Legislature in 2017 approved $11.15 million in the transportation budget to construct new climbing lanes. Construction was slated to occur in two stages. Some of it was to occur during the 2023-25 biennium and the bulk of it was to occur during the 2025-27 biennium.

But legislative leaders — at the urging of WSU student leadership – advanced that schedule in this year’s transportation budget so that all construction will occur in the 2019-21 biennium that commences July 1.

This represents a significant enhancement that will improve safety for everyone driving to and from WSU.