WSU testifies on governor’s proposed capital budget

During a committee meeting of the Senate Ways & Means committee last Thursday, WSU testified on the governor’s proposed capital budget noting the historic deferred maintenance support, the matching of state dollars to philanthropic giving, while noting two projects that went unfunded.

Those omitted projects included the renovation of the Knott Dairy at WSU Pullman and the design of a simulation space in the Team Health Building at WSU Spokane. In testimony, WSU Assistant Director of State Relations Connor Haggerty asked legislators to “reference WSU’s request as you build your budget to help keep the university’s priorities in order.”

The budget did provide a strong minor works preservation investment, which would allow the university to address deferred maintenance projects throughout the system. It also matched philanthropic support to construct a new engineering student services building in Pullman. It also provided funding to design a new science building and renovate parts of three others to accommodate it.

You can find WSU’s testimony on the governor’s capital budget below: