Welcome back from the Memorial Day Weekend!

On May 18th, First Gentleman Mike Gregoire signed a Memo of Understanding at WSU Tri-Cities designating it as a Veteran Supportive Campus.  Due in large part to the services available on campus to veterans, student veterans, and their families, veterans now make up 10 percent of the student body, a number that continues to steadily grow.  WSU’s commitment to helping all Washingtonians achieve higher education is reflected in this momentous occasion.

Please visit the WSU Tri-Cities Office of Veterans Affairs webpage for a slideshow and full article of the event.

First Gentleman Mike Gregoire signs the Veteran Supportive Campus MOU at WSU Tri-Cities

First Gentleman Mike Gregoire, WSU-Tri-Cities Cancellor Vicky Carwein, Deputy Director of the WA State Deptarment of Veterans Affairs Alfie Alvarado-Ramos and President Elson S. Floyd hold the signed MOU along with student veterans and veterans from the community