State revenues stay flat

In its January monthly update, the state Economic and Revenue Forecast Council announced last week that tax collections from the months of December and January came in $62.2 million or one percent above what was forecasted in November.   For the month of January, collections decreased by 4.1 percent or $99.1 million due to lower […]

State revenue forecast projects decline over next two biennia

The state’s Economic and Revenue Forecast Council released its quarterly forecast yesterday that projects decreased state tax revenues over the next two biennia and stagnant growth in the current biennium. The forecast decreased by $483 million for the upcoming 2023–25 biennium and by $541 million for the following 2025–27 biennium. A slowing housing market, a dip […]

Senate committee advances Regent Chilton confirmation

The Senate Higher Education Committee has recommended confirmation of WSU Student regent Reanne Chilton. Chilton, appearing at a confirmation hearing Friday, received several positive remarks from the committee, with committee Chair Emily Randall noting Chilton’s “history of service.” Chilton, a fifth-year student in clinical psychology is currently working towards her Ph.D. She completed her bachelor’s […]

Actions on Duration of Stay

We recognize many of you are monitoring the recent Notice of Proposed Rule Making out on the Duration of Stay for international students. The deadline for comments was October 26th and we know that WSU sent comments in via International Programs. As background there are many letters circulating form Capitol Hill signed by the Washington […]

Governor signs WSU-supported animal research bill

Gov. Jay Inslee this afternoon signed into law a bill requiring higher education institutions that use dogs and cats for research offer the animals up for adoption before considering euthanasia. Senate Bill 5212 was passed out of both the Senate and the House unanimously, with stakeholder support from the University of Washington, Washington State University, […]

WSU presents medical school progress report to Senate committee

Members of the Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee held a work session on meeting workforce demands in Washington State’s Health Care Industry this week and called WSU forward to present its case for how the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is addressing this major issue. Since the medical school’s authorization in 2015, […]

Federal policies impacting fundamental scientific research update

The Science Coalition Round up for February 5th 2019 provided useful information which may be of interest: Following the agreement to reopen the federal government through February 15, recent news coverage focused on the residual impacts the partial government shutdown will have on science. News outlets have largely examined the impacts to federal science agencies and the fundamental research they support. Some press […]

House committee briefed on WSU cannabis research

The new chair of WSU’s Committee for Cannabis Research and Outreach appeared before the House Commerce & Gaming Committee today to outline the university’s efforts to study the effects of cannabis consumption. Initiative 502 carved out funds for the University of Washington and WSU to do such work. Michael McDonell, an associate professor in the […]

Legislative committee hears report on cost of medical education

The Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee (JLARC) met today to receive a presentation from the state Auditor’s Office on its performance audit report determining the costs per student for medical education at the WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine (ESFCOM) and the University of Washington School of Medicine. The report by the Auditor’s […]

Budget agreement funds WSU medical school

Legislative leaders released a 2017-19 operating budget agreement today that provides $10 million to fund 60 first year and 60 second year medical students, fulfilling WSU’s top legislative priority. Budget proposals previously released by the Governor, Senate and House did just the same. The final budget agreement, coming just hours before the onset of the […]