WSU backs open educational resources legislation

WSU has made significant strides in the past year to expand awareness and implementation of open educational resources in the classroom, and it continued to do so by issuing its support of HB 1561 – a bill designed to increase the use of these resources at four-year higher education institutions. The bill was heard in the Senate on Thursday.

The university has already invested $22,000 towards adoption of open educational resources in the classroom in Pullman and has been most progressive at its Vancouver campus, with half of 100 level math courses already incorporating OER.  If funded, the bill would set aside funds that would be used for grants that could fund efforts to further integrate low cost or no cost open educational resources into specific classes.

The university testified in support of the bill back in January when it was heard before the House Higher Education committee. The bill later passed through the house with a vote of 64-34.

You can view Thursday’s testimony below.