Medical school funded in all three budget proposals

Leaders in the House of Representatives Monday released a budget proposal that would provide $10 million to support 60 first year and 60 second year medical students for the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

That’s consistent with funding proposals released earlier by the governor and the Senate. In all three proposals, annual funding beginning in fiscal year 2019 is just $200,000 short of WSU’s request, its top legislative priority.

The House plan would also do the following.

  • Backfill a tuition freeze for the next two academic years
  • Increase funding by $73 million for the State Need Grant
  • Fund three compensation increases of 2 percent each during the 2017-19 biennium
  • Fund legislation that provides $500 stipends to students whose parent our spouse passed away, became totally disabled, or is considered a prisoner of war or missing in action due to military service
  • Provide $75,000 to boost honeybee research
  • Fund legislation establishing a child and adolescent psychiatry residency program in Eastern Washington

The House plan is expected to be voted out of the House Appropriations Committee Tuesday in advance of a floor vote later this week.

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